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feisou shampoo, cleaning people’s sensitive scalps with mild surfactants

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feisou shampoo, cleaning people’s sensitive scalps with mild surfactants

July 24
02:36 2019

Just like facial skin and body skin, the scalp may also be sensitive. The scalp, especially the sensitive one, is thin and fragile, thus variations of temperature, the use of new hair care products or perming agent and other minor things can easily cause some problems on it, such as itchy scalp, dandruff, and even inflamed scalp.

People who have sensitive scalps may use amino acid shampoos for their daily hair care.

Being different from traditional shampoos, amino acid shampoo takes amino acid surfactants as its main cleansing ingredients, which play the major role in cleaning and foaming. The superior amino acid surfactant is usually extracted from coconut oil, palm oil, wheat protein and other natural raw materials. It is relatively expensive, but it is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Why people with sensitive scalps are suggested to use amino acid shampoos? The following are some reasons.

First, most amino acid shampoos are weakly acidic with a pH value of 5.5-5.8, which is similar to the one of a healthy scalp. That is to say this kind of shampoo can clean hair without damaging the acid-base environment of the scalp.

Second, amino acid is the basic unit of the protein, which is the main composition of human hair and scalp. Therefore, using amino acid shampoo will not stimulate the scalp. Compared with the alkaline shampoo with a strong cleaning power, the amino acid shampoo is milder to the sensitive skin.

Third, amino acid shampoo is easy to rinse out and will not leave any residue on the hair and scalp. Whats more, it can hydrate hair while cleaning it, which means that it will not leave people with tight scalps.

As a typical amino acid shampoo brand, feisou has always been avoided using any essence, pigment or thickener. Instead, it adopts natural plant essential oils to nourish and improve peoples hair. feisou advocates natural and healthy hair care, and its products are just like those fresh fruits. In short, feisou amino acid shampoo can help people get rid of annoyance of greasy hair, dandruff, hair loss and dry hair, and supplement natural nutrients to their hair.

In order to keep the shampoo fresh, people should place it away from the direct sunlight. The one once opened should be used up within 6 months.

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