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Kojo Kankam, A.K.A Novelist, Treats his Fans by Releasing his Latest Project entitled Reload King

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Kojo Kankam, A.K.A Novelist, Treats his Fans by Releasing his Latest Project entitled Reload King

July 29
23:36 2019
It’s not every day that we encounter a grime artist who truly redefines the genre in one smooth stroke. But the Novelist is no ordinary artist and his latest project, Reload King, only cements his status as the new face of grime.

There is something that can be said about modern grime music. They are certainly a new breed of musician quite removed from the previous generation. Their lyrics more intense, their artistry more pronounced, and their emotions front and center. They aren’t afraid to deal with socially relevant issues, conversations about masculinity, and the perils and struggles as they fight for success and recognition in the music industry. Kojo Kankam who goes by his more popular moniker, Novelist, is no exception to this. In as little as 9 years, he has gained the respect and recognition of the music industry and has been labeled as the new face of grime. He received the MOBO Awards for the Best Grime Act in 2014 which only furthered his career.

Novelist showcases his talent and musicality in his new project titled Reload King. This five-track EP highlights Mr. Novelist’s adaptability and creativity in this 12-minute audible treat that starts off melodious and quite frankly predictable only to plunge the listener deep into an intense aural experience of beat overlaid with frantic street sounds in quick succession that’s enough to raise anyone’s heartbeat. This is certainly true for the first two tracks. With Prems Voice Note, we are treated to a recording of Novelist himself as he talks about his process, giving people a glimpse to how this talented artist operates. And just as people are able to catch their breath, we dive head-straight into the third act of the EP with Straight Riddim and Rowdy Riddim. The sound and beat is an obvious parallel to the first two tracks but in a more tamed and composed manner, as if the initial emotions have been eroded away and replaced with the intent and messaging which bears repeating.

From start to finish, the Novelist offers listeners something new with every beat changes and pause. This new release is an obvious retelling of how the artist himself has changed since Novelist Guy. Where his debut album gave us his range and capabilities and all the possibilities that may come from it, this latest EP is more about direction, giving us a glimpse of where Novelist may take us next.

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