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Chevra Lomdei Mishnah Aids Thousands of Jews to Honor their Departed Loved Ones

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Chevra Lomdei Mishnah Aids Thousands of Jews to Honor their Departed Loved Ones

July 31
04:12 2019

Chevra Lomdei Mishnah is one of the most trusted non-profit organizations that helps Jews all over the globe to provide merit to their deceased loved ones through the study of Mishnah.

Ever since the establishment of the organisation, Chevra Lomdei Mishnah members have completed the Six Orders of the Mishnah known as Shishah Sidrei Mishnah several hundred times.

The Mishnah is the first commonly recognized textualization of the sacred oral traditions of the Jews often referred to as Oral Torah. This written collection of Jewish traditions was edited back in the 3rd Century and has 6 volumes. The Mishnah was edited by Rabbi Juddah (Rabbi Yehudah HaNasi). For hundreds of years, Jews around the world have honored and provided merit to their departed loved ones by learning the teachings of the Mishnah.

According to the Program Director of Chevra Lomdei Mishna, each of the 6 volumes of the Mishnah provides symbolic, ethical, and lawful teachings. These individual teachings are called mishnayos and collectively these teachings form the core values of Judaism.

The goal of Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah is to make providing merit more accessible to Jews located in Israel as well as all over the globe. The organization has a network of Jewish scholars and rabbis who can complete the entire 6 volumes of Mishnah for the sacred rituals of shloshims and yahrtzeits at an incredibly short amount of time.

Completing the study of the Six Orders of the Mishnah is no small task and it takes dedication and an exceptional yeshivah educational background. People who have no experience often need years before they complete all the 6 volumes of Mishnah. The sheer amount of hard work and dedication required to completely learn the Mishnah proves to insurmountable for many. Chevra Lomdei Mishna has a team of Rabbis who dedicatedly take on the task for people who want to provide merit to their departed loved ones but lack the knowledge, skill, or time to complete the Shishah Sidrei Mishnah on their own. Torah scholars are selected after many careful considerations and they have exceptional knowledge and dedication towards their work.

Chevra Lomdei Mishnah dedicatedly serves thousands of Jews by allowing them to provide merit and in turn find peace and comfort. Supported by Gedolei Yisrael, Chevra Lomdei Mishna maintains a steadfast focus towards helping people and they have been doing so quietly for more than a decade.

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