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American Homes are Still Vulnerable to Pests During The Winter Months

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American Homes are Still Vulnerable to Pests During The Winter Months

November 15
04:45 2019
American Homes are Still Vulnerable to Pests During The Winter Months

Just because the weather is getting colder, it doesn’t mean that pests are going away. In fact, there are tons of pests that will invade homes during the colder months. They’re often looking for food, water, and shelter, plus somewhere warm they can stay. When pests do get inside a home, even in the winter, proper pest control can help get them out again.

Mice and Rats

House mice, Norway rats, and roof rats can be found inside homes, especially during the winter. They can spread diseases and cause significant amounts of damage inside the home as they chew through walls or floors. Homeowners who notice signs of mice or rats should visit a website like to get help immediately.


Roaches will often enter homes looking for easy access to food and water. They generally prefer bathrooms and kitchens because of access to what they need. It’s far better to prevent roaches from getting inside the home, but if they do get in, proper pest control can help get rid of them before they infest the entire home.


Spiders will head inside to look for the other pests that are inside the home. This gives them shelter for their web and a supply of food. While there are spiders that are harmless, there are others that can bite and cause serious medical issues. Homeowners who notice spiders in their homes can call Adam’s Pest Control, Inc. for help.


Some of the flies found in homes include fruit flies, moth flies, and cluster flies. These can be frustrating to find in the home, especially if it’s hard to figure out where they’re coming from. Homeowners can determine what type of fly is inside, then get help to have them removed from the home and prevent them from returning.

Larger Wildlife

During the winter, it’s possible for larger wildlife to get inside the home in an attempt to seek a warm place to shelter. Raccoons, squirrels, birds, and other creatures will fit through tiny holes or create their own hole to get inside. Once in, they can spread diseases and cause significant damage. Homeowners who suspect they have larger wildlife in their attic or crawlspace can click here for website to get more information.

During the winter months, it’s still important to have pest control done to prevent these and other creatures from getting inside the home. If you do notice any pests in the home, contact a professional right away for help. They can help keep your home pest-free and offer prevention tips for the future.

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Adam’s Pest Control, Inc. is a pest control, management, and elimination company servicing Minnesota and western Wisconsin. All of their technicians are highly trained in pest control, and they use the latest, industry-proven techniques and equipment to get any pests outside of the home. They can also help with prevention, so their customers won’t have to worry about pests getting back into the house.

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