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Neosauna Offers World-Class Infrared Saunas in San Diego, CA

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Neosauna Offers World-Class Infrared Saunas in San Diego, CA

February 17
22:33 2020
Neosauna Offers World-Class Infrared Saunas in San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA – Improvements in blood circulation, health benefits for chronic heart failure patients, and exercise recovery are just some of the benefits associated with sauna bathing. The first iteration of the sauna in the form of traditional steam saunas bring great benefits to an individual’s health, but infrared saunas have proven to be a more effective alternative to reach the same end, and provide more benefits by using infrared technology.  Neosauna is a leading provider of infrared sauna cabins that have been specially designed, combining the benefits of carbon and ceramic heating. Both types of heating elements provide different benefits that, when combined, have the potential to benefit your overall well-being. 

“Our promise is simple. We are dedicated to providing the best-infrared saunas available today.  This translates into hand-picked woods, quality hardware, heaters, electronics, and experienced craftsmanship for our customers, along with a lifetime guarantee. Neosauna is committed to providing superior, safety-first infrared therapy saunas that are specifically crafted to provide the highest health rewards available,” said the spokesperson for Neosauna, regarding their next-generation saunas.

Neosauna offers a variety of sauna cabins from 2 to 4 people and all of them have been perfectly engineered with low EMF heating technology, Chromotherapy (Medical grade light therapy, bluetooth audio and premium speakers, soft-touch controls, eco-certified wood (available in Basswood or Red Cedar) which is hand-selected from Canada, built-in phone/tablet stand, cup holder, towel holder, built-in backrests/heater covers, tempered glass for safety, as well as the EZ lock system to make installation quick and easy in about an hour.

In addition to the high-quality materials that each of their Saunas are built with, every sauna cabin has also been highlighted with beautiful and relaxing Himalayan salt walls. Neosauna is the only infrared sauna manufacturer in the marketplace that includes the Himalayan salt walls standard in each sauna they sell. Every time the sauna is heated, the Himalayan salt walls in the sauna produce a calming effect, releasing negative ions.

Regarding her Neosauna experience after purchasing one for her home, a satisfied customer said, “Neosauna is an absolute life changer! As someone who struggles with anxiety and mental health issues almost daily, my Neosauna has become my escape. It is an amazing place to relax, meditate and reset your mind, all while reaping the physical benefits, too. I feel energized after only 30 minutes of being in the sauna and have been able to sleep more soundly at night! I have recently suffered from lower back pain and have noticed a huge difference in mobility and pain relief when I use the sauna daily. I use the color therapy lights when I need an extra boost to my mood or light up the Himalayan salt walls when my allergies are out of control.

My 4 year old son loves coming in the Sauna as well! Both him and I were coming down with a cold and we hopped in the Sauna for 20 minutes and both woke up the next day feeling amazing. He loves playing music or listening to my white noise app over the Bluetooth speakers and so do I! One area I DID NOT expect the sauna to affect was my yoga practice. I’m able to get deeper into poses than I had been prior to the sauna!

My husband and I (I’m 30 y/o, 130 lbs, 5’5”) put this together in about 2 hours. When we opened the box you could tell the Neosauna was packaged with care – we had no issues! The instructions and assembly were so easy we almost thought we did it wrong. I was also concerned with 3 people in the house (plus family and friends) using the sauna daily, that our electric bill would go way up. Thankfully, after months of use and tracking, I’m happy to see it’s only risen by $5-$10 per month!! Such a fantastic trade off for so many benefits this sauna has given our family. Thank you Neosauna!!”

Each sauna cabin has a user-friendly design and can be used by just simply plugging it in and setting the desired time and temperature. The infrared sauna will reach a max temperature of 150F, though you will experience the benefits from the infrared at much lower temperatures. In the event that there is any problem with any of the components, Neosauna’s expert technicians are available to assist, and a lifetime warranty is available as an add-on to any sauna. 

Neosauna is located at 2869 Historic Decatur Rd, San Diego, CA 92106. For world-class San Diego Home Saunas, contact their team via phone at (619) 363-5906 or send online inquiries via email to [email protected] For additional information regarding their sauna cabins, visit their website. 

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