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Coursef has launched the first demo AI version optimizing users and learners experience on the platform

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Coursef has launched the first demo AI version optimizing users and learners experience on the platform

October 29
15:42 2020
Coursef – The super-search platform of Online Courses, College Classes, Test Prep Courses, Extra Program, and more, has completed the final steps of the firstly-tested AI version applied on

Coursef started working on an artificial intelligence (AI) research and development project at the end of 2019, the time of the pandemic. After about 10 months, the first test proposal has completed and been operating on the website platform. The two main focuses of the project include Real User Experience, Recommendation System, and Partner Associating System. The direct user experience enhancement system was built and developed to create an easy and effective search engine for learners and students. Thereby, students as well as course seekers have easy access to relevant programs and courses. According to statistics from Coursef’s data analysis department, this new AI version will make an increase of 35% on search and display speeds while the accuracy and relevance get nearly 40% improved over previous systems. Typical courses from Udemy, Coursera, Khan Academy, Course Hero, … are classified clearly by each student’s needs. 

Free courses from these platforms have also been carefully and thoroughly aggregated. The most recent 6-month report shows that search traffic, especially for free courses, surged 68%, which is partly due to the influence of Covid19. Coursef has enhanced the addition of free and low-fee courses to serve the needs of the students. Certificate-related and expertise courses are handled through the keyword filtering and search frequency processor, making a close connection in the search system. Besides, Coursef also pays special attention to cooking and housewife courses, young children, and elderly healthcare courses, especially Covid courses … to assist in handling the complicated development of the pandemic. “The target user of Coursef is not just students but anyone who wants to look for a course, a scholarship or simply a website to learn something new,” – said Direct Manager, Nga Victoria.

One of the improvements in this AI version is the recommendation system. Based on the action recorded on, AI will evaluate and try to get the important keyword when users search for any course or training program. The focused factors in the algorithm are the course topic, training time, course cost, trainers, student assessment, … After evaluating the essentials, the system will automatically give recommendations, helping to increase the search experience on the platform. The recommendation system also brings many new features to users such as keyword-related search suggestions, suggestions by location, or by course level.

In addition to maximizing user experience with search activities and website interaction, this release allows providing data analysis to Coursef partners. Program and course providers will get objective assessment and analysis of indicators, from which they can optimize their own programs and improve them to suit the learner’s criteria. In addition, Coursef also operates partner programs specializing in product evaluation. Best Product Lists was one of the first partners for this program. This is a program designed to give users detailed and detailed information about courses and courses on Coursef through a third platform like Best Product Lists, Language Course Reviews is a prime example. It is expected that by the end of 2020, Coursef will reach 10,000 direct partners on the platform and more than 500,000 programs and courses in many different fields. This AI demo is set to prepare for an explosion in distance learning programs next year.

About Coursef

Coursef was born as a simple and effective aggregation platform. Understanding its mission to deliver the best courses for users, Coursef has been established to support maximum learners to save time, effort, and money in the search for general courses over the internet. With an extremely simple interface but no less effective, Coursef expects to be a convenient bridge between learners and course providers throughout the world. Coursef built such an interface for the purpose of supporting learners to easily search for quality information related to the course they are interested in from the syllabus, teachers, reference materials, reviews, and many more.

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