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Meg Schwarzrock: Helping Others Manifest the Life They Want as Manifesting Marge

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Meg Schwarzrock: Helping Others Manifest the Life They Want as Manifesting Marge

November 18
09:00 2020
Meg Schwarzrock: Helping Others Manifest the Life They Want as Manifesting Marge
Many women and moms feel stuck in life. The endless charades of keeping up with accountabilities and battling stigmas of society can be overwhelming. Hence, many of them end up paralyzed and unhappy. But women like Meg of Manifesting Marge are out to rescue such women from the pits of their hardships.

Meg Schwarzrock is an entrepreneur, master manifestor, and empath out to help women live a high vibe life and manifest the life they have always dreamt of. She is the owner and operator of Manifesting Marge Coaching Business, a practice that supports and guides hundreds of thousands of women around the globe. Her highest passion is in living a great life and helping women, mothers, and entrepreneurs do the same. She’s a gifted empath and uses her skills to get a better understanding of her clients’ true situation and help them find a way to grow and improve certain aspects of their lives. 

The coaching business’ name is inspired by the name “Marge,” the name by which Meg’s husband called her when they started dating. Although Meg hated the name, she, later on, realized that it was representative of her sassy, giving, determined, visionary, positive, and driven alter ego. That inspired her to call her business Manifesting Marge.

Meg is a mother of two boys and can relate with moms all over who feel overwhelmed. She is the wife of a former PGA Tour Professional. She has a high level of compassion, especially for those who put their dreams on hold to fulfill duties at home. It’s this pain point that so many women all over the globe possess that has driven Meg to start and scale Manifesting Marge. She hopes to help mothers everywhere build a life they can be proud of. 

Manifesting Marge Coaching Business is also a staple for many businesswomen as well. She coaches thousands of women entrepreneurs on how to create a high vibe culture in their organizations and manifest success in their ventures by manifesting the results that they want to see.

Meg offers up her services in personal coaching and also spends a lot of her time crafting online courses that help women start their journey to understand themselves more. She usually teaches on the themes of manifesting, energetic alignment, self-help, self-love, aligning with money, purpose, and holistic health to name some of the many others.

When starting as an entrepreneur, Meg was intent on learning all the secrets to becoming successful in her career, relationships, and life as a whole. The catalyst of her transformation journey was experiencing the Law of Attraction, a school of thought that teaches that positive or negative emotions affect the experiences we have in this world. The coach offers up that this principle is what helped her become the global coaching brand she is today. 

Through her coaching, Meg helps women end self-sabotage by teaching them how to stop discounting themselves. Her lessons help women gain the confidence to learn a new skill, start a business venture, pursue a career they want, or find a relationship that will make them happy.

More than a coach, Meg is a beneficiary of her practice. She drinks from her own cup and sees the magic happen in her personal life. As a master manifestor, she has learned to reroute her thoughts and words to build the reality she wants. Her goal is to help other women do the same.

If you want to learn more about Meg and her transformational program, check out her website, or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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