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child And The CHILD Within: How to Transform Subconscious Money Blocks From Childhood into Sustainable Financial Success By Gulnara Omar

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child And The CHILD Within: How to Transform Subconscious Money Blocks From Childhood into Sustainable Financial Success By Gulnara Omar

November 20
03:36 2020

Many in life will accept their financial fate as being written in stone without even giving it a second thought. Not only that, but they may also remain in unacceptable situations, like an unfulfilling career, unsuccessful business, or an un-loving marriage, due to their Inner Child’s beliefs about money. Why? The answer is simple, they don’t believe they can change because there is no other option for them.

This is what many people believe, and they often worry about money and feel stuck in a financial trap. Most individuals settle for a life where they are not following their childhood dreams because of financial restraints or overwhelming debt. They found themselves and their spouses at odds when dealing with financial decisions, which they don’t have to be!

Dreaming of having future security and want to feel relaxed and confident about the financial future? If yes, then, this is exactly where to begin the journey to achieving that dream. child and the CHILD Within, How to Transform Subconscious Money Blocks From Childhood into Sustainable Financial Success by Gulnara Omar is the wake-up call. The blocks to achieving all that people want in life are not created by their conscious mind, often it is the childhood programming they obtained before they even know it was happening. The root of the problem is not them, but it is up to them to fix the problem. Now is the time for everyone to transform their life by understanding what is standing between them and financial success. Anyone can achieve everything they desire in this life.

In this extraordinary book, the author shares inspirational real-life stories of transformation. Through the use of hypnotherapy, as well as other therapeutic modalities. Gulnara Omar helps her clients understand how their hurting Inner Child is standing in their way of embracing all that the universe has to offer. Her warm and open nature invites the reader in and holds them in her supportive embrace throughout the book. Readers will feel welcomed in as if invited to join her for a delicious cup of coffee on a breezy day.

When writing child and the CHILD Within, Gulnara Omar had some very clear goals:

1. To breakthrough and change the reader’s conventional thinking about the process of “working on themselves”, “becoming” a better human being, because when they get better – their life gets better!

2. To help readers obtain an understanding of how their mind works, and to apply this knowledge in any area of their life.

3. To show readers how to connect with their INNER CHILD (the inner part of them that still has unresolved childhood traumas), and not only to resolve money-related issues, but to timely recognize and release their unproductive, energy-depleting thoughts, and unwanted programming from other people.

Anyone ready to embark on an incredible journey of self-discovery all they have to do now is take the first step and begin reading child and the CHILD Within, How to Transform Subconscious Money Blocks From Childhood into Sustainable Financial Success. Once they’ve begun, they won’t be able to stop themself from listening to their heart and going deep within.

The secret is to access the limiting beliefs of readers in Inner Child so that they can knock down the barriers they are creating between them and their desires. Whether it be true and lasting love, a promotion, financial independence, or the freedom to travel the world, it can still be achieved. The goals are waiting for everyone on the other side of what is holding them back.

Whoever is ready to be the leader of their life or ready to walk hand in hand with their Inner Child towards their dream life; there is a limit on the amount of time they can blame their parents, teachers, or the schoolyard bully for stopping them from achieving all they want. That ends today.

Readers are implored to listen to their hearts and begin their healing journey. They should let Gulnara Omar and her vast experience in accessing the subconscious mind show them how to connect with, understand, and begin to heal their Inner Child. Everyone needs to understand that they have dreams and desires to realize in this life. The universe is rooting for them, all it asks is they love themself enough to take action on their dreams.

Once their INNER CHILD is healed and their needs are fulfilled, their financial freedom, wealth, abundance, and love are all available to them in this very moment. Visit to get a copy today. A copy can be purchased on Amazon as well.

Everyone deserves a happy, worry-free, and meaningful life.

Remember: Together with healed and empowered INNER CHILD anyone can achieve financial security, personal freedom, happiness, and unthinkable success:

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