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Childish Kidd Seeks to Heal Hearts through His Music

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Childish Kidd Seeks to Heal Hearts through His Music

January 18
17:36 2021
Childish Kidd Seeks to Heal Hearts through His Music

Music can do wonders, and artist Childish Kidd looks to do a lot more than wonders. He wants to heal with his music through his stellar songwriting and flawless delivery, and he’s mending old wounds in the hearts of many and pushing out content that he hopes will positively impact lives for many years to come. 

Nigerian-born musician and content creator Childish Kidd is a hip-hop artist that currently resides in Prince George’s County, Maryland, where he’s lived since the 3rd grade. He’s also business-minded with his empire, Lavish House Entertainment, which is home to his music and a few other entertainment endeavors. The musician believes wholly in his mission to change lives through his music, hence actively seeking out opportunities to get his music out there. 

The musician’s journey to musical greatness was realized in 6th grade when Kidd learned how to play the saxophone. From that point on, he fell in love with melodies and would engulf himself with producing and writing soulful music for small and big crowds. “With each sound I hear, I always think to amplify it into something more soulfully beautiful with my story,” shared Childish Kidd. “Because honestly when presented with the opportunity, I will change the world.”

Most recently, Childish has released his newest song titled “Picture Perfect.” The track tells the story of a failed trash relationship. The track debuted on December 24, 2020, and has invaded airwaves everywhere. “Picture Perfect” is Childish Kidd’s eighth published song and is available on digital streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and many others. Childish Kidd has gathered over 4,000 monthly listeners on the giant streaming platform Spotify with three of his eight songs (“Suns in Cages,” “In Autumn,” “Dot Dot Dot…”) breaching five-digit streaming numbers in a short period.

Childish Kidd’s music comes from “a place of past pain, love, memories, and future aspirations,” as the musician shared. He writes mostly on his personal experiences and aspirations, making his message very relatable to many everywhere. Life wasn’t always peachy for the young Kidd. He faced a year behind bars, and after paying his dues, he somehow maintained a level head. These days, he’s back on his feet and ready to take on the world and relentlessly pursue his dreams. After having worked with the likes of Fat Joe in 2020, he’s now focused on his debut EP, “Masterpeace,” and he’s excited about it dropping late spring of 2021. 

The artist’s ambition is unmistakable. He has a lot of personality and character that makes him a magnetic force. He has a heart of gold, and he plans to make bright futures for both himself and those around him. “My love for a better tomorrow fuels my drive, and that same drive is what makes me, me,” shared Childish Kidd. “Most people get locked up and lose their vision, but not I. I’m still hungry, and Ima feed real soon!” 

In the coming years, Childish Kidd hopes to attain a very high level of success. He wants to work with household names like Nike, Adidas, Gucci, Balenciaga, Fenty, and many others. He is an artist that defines his own path and seeks nothing more but the destiny he deserves. To learn more about Childish Kidd, check out his Instagram profile.

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