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Dolph Lyon Discovers Success In The Underground World of Direct-Response Copywriting

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Dolph Lyon Discovers Success In The Underground World of Direct-Response Copywriting

January 18
23:18 2021
Dolph Lyon Discovers Success In The Underground World of Direct-Response Copywriting

In every industry today, working in a company or agency brings in a stable income. However, it can also be very limiting. Dolph Lyon realized this before stumbling upon the underground world of copywriting. Today, Dolph wakes up to Michigan’s beautiful scenery before preparing to do the work he loves without limits.

Dolph Lyon is a direct-response copywriter based in South Haven, Michigan. He helps audiologists, consultants, coaches, and course creators improve their practice or business sales by applying little-known direct-response marketing principles. Techniques that were developed in the early 1900s by mail-order advertising legends like Claude Hopkins, John Caples Eugene Schwartz. Decades later, infomercial pioneers like Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, and John Carlton applied these principles and generated hundreds of millions of dollars for clients through paid television advertising.

In 2003, copywriters like Dolph, Frank Kern, Russell Brunson, and Craig Clemens started applying these direct-response marketing strategies on the internet, resulting in skyrocketing sales overnight.

Since then, technology has evolved. The internet went through many changes as a medium, making it more important to hire a copywriter that adheres to the same proven principles that have grown global brands for hundreds of years. The internet boom created room for direct-mail advertising success, making it more effective than ever. Advertising dollars have even migrated to the internet leaving mailboxes prime for taking.

Before striking out on his own, Dolph Lyon was intrigued by ad agencies. However, agencies limit the use of classic direct-response. Dolph respected the art and science too much to compromise, leaving Dolph no choice but to set up his own shop.

Today, the direct-response copywriter helps clients make quick work of scaling their sales from zero to seven-figures. Most of Dolph’s clients are confident that their investment in these sales assets will guarantee a remarkable return on their investment.

Dolph takes pride in what he does, which is why he has been so successful as a copywriter. While many people claim they can write, few can write sales assets that pull massive profits. David Ogilvy once said, “The only guys who know what they’re doing are the direct-response guys. Everyone else is just guessing.” 

For instance, Dolph had a client who was an international speaker who had a devastating heart-attack putting him in the hospital for weeks. As his life was hanging in the balance, Dolph wrote daily emails that kept his client’s company profitable and broke his single greatest month sales record.

Successful in his run as a direct-response copywriter, Dolph sees himself continuing his work in the years to come. His mission is to help his clients maximize their practice or business potential, whether through writing landing page copy, video sales letter scripts, or even ghostwriting a best-selling business book.

To learn more about Dolph Lyon, you may visit his website. You can also reach out to him on Instagram.

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