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Drivers Know How to Care For Their Trailers

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Drivers Know How to Care For Their Trailers

January 19
06:51 2021
Drivers Know How to Care For Their Trailers

Owning a tractor-trailer and working for a quality company is something that can be both lucrative and rewarding. However, as with any type of vehicle, there is some required maintenance involved with owning this large of a vehicle. Remember, a tractor-trailer is not called to make a delivery around the corner – when these big trucks get on the road, it is for a long haul and as a result, they encounter many different weather conditions and road extremes.

For some drivers, maintenance is not a big deal. This is because the truck they are using is the property of the corporate entity they drive for. This means that maintenance is something taken care of by someone else. However, for those who own their own equipment, knowing proper maintenance for the trailer will ensure serious issues do not occur. In this case, using a maintenance service like Ferguson Truck Center will be beneficial. 

Check the Oil

This sounds pretty simple. However, it is something that can be overlooked. This is especially important because of the long distances that trucks travel. Most trucks use diesel fuel and product torque that can cause significant wear and tear on the internal parts of the engine. As a result, it is essential to keep a close watch on the oil’s condition and ensure it is not low, dirty, or needs attention. This is something companies like can help with. 

Monitor the Airbrake System

For daily driver vehicles, hydraulic disc brakes are likely used. However, the system used by a tractor-trailer is typically much more powerful and complex. After all, they are tasked with stopping a heavy load.

Make sure the truck’s compressor is working properly before embarking on a trip. If a driver fails to do this, they will not be able to charge their airbrakes. The brake lines are run from the cabin and back to the axles, which need to be checked, too. It is also necessary to check the brake components on the actual trailer.

Schedule Regular Maintenance Services

In some situations, a driver likes to turn the wrench and handle repairs on their own. While this is no easy feat, it is absolutely necessary to keep a truck in safe working order. However, for drivers who are not mechanically inclined, the best thing they can do is take the truck to a mechanic for routine check-ups and maintenance services. This is going to help ensure that there are no major issues when it is taken back out on the road.

Fuel Vent Considerations 

After taking a few days off the road, the fuel vent should be checked before getting going again. There are many insects that can build nests in the vents, which may cause the truck to act like it is completely out of fuel. If someone is not sure what the problem is, they need help from a company such as

As anyone can see from the information here, big-rig maintenance is essential to get or keep a truck in safe operating condition. Keep the tips here in mind to know what to do and why this is so important. Being informed is key to this.

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