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Innovation Meets Medical Science: Chicago Plastic Surgeon, Entrepreneur & Innovator, Dr. Anu (Anuja) Antony Draws On Art & Science Background To Deliver Best Outcomes For Clients, Launches Skin Care

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Innovation Meets Medical Science: Chicago Plastic Surgeon, Entrepreneur & Innovator, Dr. Anu (Anuja) Antony Draws On Art & Science Background To Deliver Best Outcomes For Clients, Launches Skin Care

January 20
16:51 2021

“Plastic surgery is another form of art”, entrepreneur, surgeon and artist, Dr. Anu Antony combines her unique skill set to produce exceptional results for her patients while unlocking innovative techniques to ensure consistent, achievable outcomes. 

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Dr. Antony is a board certified plastic surgeon, passionate about delivering optimal results to her patients by blending the nuances of art and science. Growing up, Dr. Antony discovered a love for math and science, while simultaneously experiencing a strong pull towards art. She decided to pursue both passions, and after completing a degree in chemistry, moved to Italy and studied art at the Lorenzo-Medici Institute of Art. Her time in Italy, spent sculpting and painting, not only equipped her with a keen eye for aesthetics but also a vision for the ways in which she could marry her passions and pursue a fulfilling career. 

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Dr. Antony then went on to complete elite general surgery and plastic surgery training programs at Stanford University Medical Center. In the years to follow, Dr. Antony continued to hone her skills, completing highly competitive fellowships at Ivy League Harvard University and world renowned Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, a Masters in Public Health at Harvard and an MBA at the Northwestern University-Kellogg School of Management. Through it all, Dr. Antony sharpened both her surgical skills and her affinity for innovation. 

Today, Dr. Antony serves as an advisory board and innovation council member for companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 and 500 corporations.  An entrepreneur at heart, she is dedicated to developing systems and technologies to achieve the best possible patient outcome and experience. She is currently preparing to launch her own medical-grade luxury skin care line, Anu Science of Beauty, using her knowledge of biopharmaceuticals to help patients feel and look their absolute best. Inspired by her breast cancer and aesthetic patients looking to restore themselves to a more rejuvenated self, she harnessed her knowledge of cutting edge skin science to create medical grade luxury skin care that is truly efficacious, continuing to educate her patients through her website and social media.

She combines vision with practicality, which allows her to see the problem, brainstorm to find creative solutions and then execute to get to the destination. Her personality type certainly plays into this as well, as an INTJ, which stands for Introverted INtuitive Thinking Judging, she has the unique ability of understanding the interconnectivity of life and how everything plays together. This is one of the rarest personality types, shared by fellow innovators such as Elon Musk, Isaac Newton and even Beethoven. Dr. Antony explains that, “By connecting patterns and having an innovative mindset, we are able to assimilate information, identify gaps and think boldly and creatively to construct an achievable plan.” 

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Most recently, Dr. Antony has partnered with Doctorpedia™ as Chief Medical Officer of the Plastic Surgery Channel to provide informative medical content through a video-based platform to the public about plastic surgery procedures with the goal of educating potential patients so that they may better understand the technology and science behind a procedure, have realistic expectations at all stages of the process including timing and outcomes. Dr. Antony explains that plastic surgery is an innovative specialty with rapid changes in both non-surgical and surgical procedures – it is exciting to lead this channel and be able to educate the public. 

When not advising on innovative solutions to companies or developing her new skin care brand, Dr. Antony focuses on her patients and delivers exceptional results. Drawing upon her more than 10,000 hours of art practice, Dr. Antony approaches surgery as she might a 3D piece of art, there are mathematical and anatomic rules of course, but she also looks for the ways light and dark, color and shapes play together to ensure an aesthetically pleasing result. She is best known for her work in aesthetic surgery and reconstruction. Dr. Antony is passionate about empowering women to feel aligned and at one with themselves. She chooses to not just rely on her own expertise to decide what will look best, but to actually listen to her patients to deliver an outcome that allows them to emerge feeling like a better and more confident version of themselves. She stresses the importance of choosing the right doctor. 

The surgeon should be technically capable of producing the results desired by a patient as it is even more difficult for a second surgeon to fix a procedure that has been botched. This reinforces the importance of referrals, Dr. Antony shares that the majority of her patients come from word of mouth, or social networking referrals. She has no need to advertise, her work, manner and results, speak for themselves. 

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Dr. Antony’s empathy and warm manner instantly put patients at ease, but it is her fluidity of thought and ability to utilize both her right and left brain that produce true art in each procedure she performs. 

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