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Campaign To Find Innovative Ways To Reduce COVID-19 Launched by Bounty Question

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Campaign To Find Innovative Ways To Reduce COVID-19 Launched by Bounty Question

January 21
13:36 2021
Campaign To Find Innovative Ways To Reduce COVID-19 Launched by Bounty Question
Bounty Question is a general Q&A site that has established a special campaign to collect ideas from website users about reducing or preventing the continued expansion of Coronavirus cases worldwide.

Bounty Question is pleased to announce the launch of their new campaign to collect suggestions about workable ways to reduce COVID-19 expansion. The website has created an official Bounty Question and is offering a reward for 100 ideas, which can assist in reducing the spread of the Coronavirus. With the current growth rate of half a million new cases daily, even suggestions that have only a small effect or help only a small number of individuals are welcomed. The question calling for ways to reduce COVID-19 risk will be ended one month after the number of qualified ideas submitted reaches 200 responses. 

From the 200 response select group, the top 100 ideas of preventing the spread of COVID-19, based on the most likes, will split the $1000 bounty. Of the top 100 most-liked responses, the website founder will select one response, which will receive an additional $100. This campaign can help in countries and locations around the globe. While much has already been written about ways to prevent COVID-19 infection, the number of cases continues to grow. Efforts such as that of Bounty Question may be instrumental in helping to implement fresh ideas and approaches. 

The campaign promoting ways to prevent coronavirus spread is a useful tool in itself to educate people and raise awareness of the issue. Even if the suggestions do not apply or are too challenging to be implemented by one individual, understanding that many people worldwide are grappling with finding ways to reduce COVID-19 cases raises awareness of the pandemic facts.

Bounty Question is an innovative approach to finding answers to specific or general questions. The website was established to connect those seeking solutions with the right professionals who have answers. Those questions which reach the Bounty Question level create an exciting atmosphere and promote creativity. Receiving a ‘bounty’ for the winning responses makes it a helpful learning tool.

About the Site: 

Bounty Question connection questioners with the right professionals who can solve the specific problem or answer the question. More information about the latest question is available at

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