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What Every Homeowner Should Know About Mold In The Home

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What Every Homeowner Should Know About Mold In The Home

January 26
18:39 2021
What Every Homeowner Should Know About Mold In The Home

Eduard Mirzoian, CEO of RESTORERZ
Local Restoration Company Helping Homeowners Breathe Free
– by Jim Kedge

LOS ANGELES, CA – Mold is the bogeyman of homeownership. Home inspectors keep a close eye out for discolored patches or musty smells, and new buyers run from any hint of these troublesome growths. But is mold as severe as many seem to think?

Eduard Mirzoian is the CEO of RESTORERZ, a damage restoration company that serves Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Mirzoian and his team of service experts specialize in restoring homes after incidents involving water, fire and mold damage. “We deal with mold all the time,” Mirzoian states. We asked him his thoughts on the seriousness of mold.

“People do react strongly when they think they come across mold in their home,” says Mirzoian. Mold is a concern, and it’s common for people to worry about it. “Not everything we think is mold is actually mold,” explains Mirzoian. “If it comes away easily, or if it’s growing in areas with good airflow, it’s dirt or some other build-up.”

It is crucial to get rid of mold discovered in the home. “Mold is a serious issue,” Mirzoian states. “If you discover mold in your house, or, suspect it may be growing somewhere you can’t see, it’s best to handle it professionally and right away.” Mold spores can cause health complications if people breathe them in over time. Waking up frequently with a sore throat or having a general, low-level feeling of being sick, can be signs of mold in the home. If left alone, the condition will not improve, and residents’ health can worsen. Mold can also have a detrimental affect on people with respiratory problems and asthma.

The presence of mold is a sign that bigger issues are going on. “If there is mold, your house may be too poorly insulated or ventilated, or there could be a leak somewhere in that area. Mold develops over a period of time in dark, humid areas,” Mirzoian cautions. Bleaching black spots on walls isn’t enough to eliminate the problem. “Mold grows back,” Mirzoian points out. “To deal with it, you need to do more than clean the surface.” Mold is an issue of air quality, humidity, and ventilation. Too much moisture is the cause of mold, and too much water in the wrong place can cause more significant damage to a home.

Eduard and his team are also experts in property damage claims. “We work directly with all insurance carriers on a daily basis. Every single project manager on our team has been trained in the insurance claims process. We assist all of our clients from filing a claim to providing 3D documentation to make sure that the loss is covered by their insurance company,” explains Mirzoian. “The first step anyone should take when suspecting mold growth in their home is scheduling an inspection with a professional restoration company because the expense could be covered through an insurance claim.”

Mirzoian is passionate about helping people remedy the problems in their homes or businesses. He wants people to know that mold and other property damages are solvable with diligence and help from an excellent restoration company.

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