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Young entrepreneur’s new book inspiring readers to look beyond failure and march forward

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Young entrepreneur’s new book inspiring readers to look beyond failure and march forward

February 01
18:09 2021
“Therapy Saved My Business” offers a proven motivational guide to rise and shine in life despite challenges and risks of failure.

Dallas, TX – February 01, 2021 – A young dynamic entrepreneur, Eugenia Davis, is showing the way to keep the chin up and make it big despite failures and challenges in life. The owner of leading cosmetic brand Dymanz Glaze, Davis has recently launched her new ebook which has already inspired many individuals not to give up and march forward to scale up their life to the next level. Titled “Therapy Saved My Business”, the book is bustling with a stellar 5 on 5 star rating and rave reviews on Amazon.

The book was officially launched on Amazon in the early quarter of January 2021 and is available in Kindle version.

Therapy Saved My Business” shares the inspiring real-life story of Eugenia Davis who has used  healing therapy to get past her obstacles and scale up her company to the next level. Last year was a testing phase for Davis as she was having a hard time in pulling up her brand which eventually pushed her into a tricky crossroads. It was as if she was constantly missing out on the factor that could bring success to her business and she only saw the numbers going down. She tried to look for solutions but her options failed to give her the desired results. Such a crisis inspired her to consider therapy sessions and the rest is history. It was those therapy sessions that Davis took last year that helped her to gain a new positive outlook towards life which eventually helped her not only to save her business but make it even bigger today. 

“It’s an exciting moment for me to announce the launch of my new book. ‘Therapy Saved My Business’ shares my own real-life journey of experiencing healing therapies which ultimately helped me to salvage my business and scale it up into a highly successful brand in just a few months. The book gives hope and shows the proven ways to look beyond the challenges in life and uplift your business and life to a new enhanced level”, stated Davis.

“It was only after I enrolled into the therapy sessions that I realized that the main factor that was hindering the success of my brand was mostly internal. The therapy sessions unveiled a new perspective before me and suddenly I could envision my life and my business in a new light. I gained a newfound mindset which guided me to take my brand to a stellar success, despite all the adversities around. I believe my story will inspire others struggling in their life to realize the benefits of therapy which would eventually enable them to rise and shine.”

Davis’ readers have all the great words to say about the book. Per their rave reviews, “Therapy Saved My Business” would make a great motivational guide for anyone having second thoughts about their abilities and success.

“This book is a great read for anyone trying to be successful and find themselves sinking in quicksand slowly drowning in your relationship, home or business, then you need to read this book as it takes you on an emotional ups and downs, once you learn the secret no one can stop you because it really wasn’t a secret at all.”

What an amazing book! I finished the same day I received it. This was a true glimpse into Eugenia Davis’ life. Her story resignated with me so well I thought it was a story about my life. Her story truly helped me understand that I am not the only person with challenges from childhood that carried over into my adult life. However, I love how she shared how she overcame those challenges through therapy. This gives me faith that I can get through them too. Thank you Eugenia!”

For more information, please visit Amazon.

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