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The Impact of Coronavirus (Covid-19) on the Global Furniture Industry

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The Impact of Coronavirus (Covid-19) on the Global Furniture Industry

February 26
02:09 2021
The Covid-19 pandemic is currently wreaking havoc on not just peoples’ health, but also on a myriad of global and regional industries. Included in this, but perhaps not generally considered, is the furniture industry.

Like many product-based industries today, roughly 70% of furniture is constructed in overseas factories and then shipped to the United States for distribution to customers. The logistics of this process allow for multiple key points to be disrupted by the unfortunate appearance of things like Covid-19. From factory workers to air or sea shipping suppliers, every stage of this process is more often than not managed and facilitated by human beings, rather than any type of automation.  

Italy has now surpassed China’s death toll in the Coronavirus pandemic, this has of course affected many US-based furniture importers, including a furniture store in Houston Texas which being a newer company is especially vulnerable to situations such as what is currently being experienced. 

Modern furniture store, Stage Look CEO, Stefan Gol, has stated “We initially had to shut down our factories in Italy, resulting is operations being moved to Turkey. Now we’re facing shutdowns in Turkey as well.” Gol added that “At this point we’ve also had to send home employees in our US warehouses and in our furniture showroom in Houston. It’s of course impossible to know when this will all end, but the impact is undeniable–not just for us, but for virtually every other company in our industry and beyond.”

Experts agree that we’re still not near enough to the end of the spread of Covid-19 to truly gauge any sort of timetable for the conclusion of its unprecedented appearance on the global stage. For the sake of not just Stage Look but also every other business, large and small, across the globe, it is safe to say that the resolution of this pandemic cannot come soon enough. This generation has not seen anything comparable to what is currently being experienced on such a wide scale.

The best information available at this time is to maintain a regular practice of washing your hands, continue the practice of social distancing, and generally just do everything within reason to limit your exposure to anyone who may be infected.

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