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Rose Henry Introduces a Whole New Approach to Spirituality

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Rose Henry Introduces a Whole New Approach to Spirituality

February 25
21:34 2021
Rose Henry Introduces a Whole New Approach to Spirituality

The Intuitive Coach – Where Reality Meets Spirituality
Where Reality Meets Spirituality

NORTHERN IRELAND – What does it truly mean for people to look inside themselves? Most people tend to approach the exploration of the soul with skepticism, but for those in touch with their spirituality, it’s one of the most rewarding journeys of self-discovery. Unfortunately, when people are interested in taking that first step, they often don’t know where to begin. It’s here that Rose Henry, Founder of Intuitive Holistic Services, steps up to help.

Over her past 25 years as a spiritual coach, Rose has developed a deep understanding of energy, balance, and healing. Born in the Welsh Valleys and then living in Africa, Australia, and now Northern Ireland, she has experienced all the highs and lows that life has to offer. She has experienced her fair share of emotional pain and life challenges. In searching for her own balance across the world, she allowed herself to find her own sense of “ease”, which is really a resonation to her own inner happiness.

As a coach, she offers valuable insights on approaching her clients’ physical lives while allowing them to enrich their souls. Having spent years offering one-on-one services to her clients, she helps them bolster their physical lives through the exploration of their spiritual sides. In addition to her various coaching packages and spiritual workshops, she’s now opening her services to group sessions and masterclasses on how to truly “tune in to their frequencies.”

Her most recent masterclass, “Tune Into Your Frequency,” will begin on March 2nd at 8 PM GMT. In this masterclass, she will teach her participants about five simple techniques to finding contentment and balance. The key to finding these, she says, are in natural gifts that everyone was born with — something else she’ll explain throughout the course.

She ties a logical, real-world approach to her spiritual one, noting that the physical aspects of happiness are only half of the equation. “When you resonate and step into your soul energy field, you start to understand how powerful it is to be present and in the moment, to tune into what you really need. To stop running, start paying attention, and demanding more of what makes you happy,” she says. “The sharing of spiritual wisdom is paramount to what I do… If you choose to work with me, with any of the energy work I offer, my mission for you is always to honor, respect, and reflect back to you, an image of who you truly are.”

Anyone looking to illuminate their inner selves is encouraged to visit Rose’s website here. Sign-ups for her Zoom Group Masterclass can be found here, and her upcoming “Tune Into Your Frequency” masterclass can be found here. For more information, Intuitive Holistic Services can be contacted at +44 (759) 712-8440.

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