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“Starving For Success”: Man Holds Cardboard Sign on Highway

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“Starving For Success”: Man Holds Cardboard Sign on Highway

February 27
06:00 2021
"Starving For Success": Man Holds Cardboard Sign on Highway

Chelsea Anderson firmly believes and stands behind her partner Steve Sandoval, whose sign read “Starving for Success” on the side of FM Highway 1488 in Texas.

This power couple has made a non-negotiable commitment to succeeding as real estate agents. 

“Ever since I met Steve, I have admired his work ethic and dedication, so when he told me that he wanted to stand on the side of the highway to promote himself since we cannot afford the traditional ways of getting our names out there and are getting closer to crunching numbers with rent, accumulated bills, and pouring money into starting our real estate career, I told him it was a great idea,” said Sandoval’s partner.

Chelsea reached out to us to help get this message across to other couples in hopes of inspiring others to a supportive relationship.

Nowadays it’s hard to come across a supportive partner. “I’m very fortunate to have someone who supports me, even in my wildest ideas,” the 23-year-old entrepreneur tells us.

The couple has been together for 4 years, and in between that time, the 23-year-old entrepreneur has had some success, but nothing like what they are shooting for now.

“No matter how many times I have failed, she [Chelsea] has always supported me,” Sandoval says. 

They both said that they hope to generate enough business to sell a hundred homes per year and are willing to do whatever it takes to reach that goal.

“Selling homes is fun. Promoting them is my favorite part. We hold open houses, call the neighbors, send out postcards, pay for digital marketing campaigns… everything that others don’t,” says Sandoval.

Generating a business is difficult when you are starting out as a real estate agent. Steve and Chelsea know that. “I decided to stand out on the highway to show the lengths that I would go to get things done. I work hard to provide a great service… just as hard as I work to generate business… I hope this not only encourages other couples to be supportive of each other but also to motivate other entrepreneurs to do the things that need to be done so that they achieve the things they want,” says Sandoval.

Many relationships are one-sided; this entrepreneurial couple seems to have a balance that works for them.

“Steve motivates and supports me when I need to get picked up and I return the favor… We both are very lucky to have each other. I really believe that everybody should find a supportive partner, it makes life fun,” says Chelsea.

To get in contact with Chelsea and Steve, they provided their company’s email: [email protected].

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