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How to recover permanently deleted files Windows XP

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How to recover permanently deleted files Windows XP

February 27
03:20 2021

Recover permanently deleted files Windows XP, best software to recover permanently deleted files Windows XP PC laptop desktop computer hard drive  from empty recycle bin, shift delete etc.

Windows XP operating system, as a symbol of the times, as the most classic system in history, there are still thousands of people still reluctant to give up it. Although the Microsoft PC operating system has experienced multiple upgrades of windows 7, windows 8, windows vista, windows 10, aidfile data recovery software naturally supports all these upgraded versions, but aidfile has never forgotten the classic windows XP. At the same time, aidfile has the highest respect for those users who still use windows XP system. Of course, the use of Windows XP means that the PC has a longer service life, and the probability of data loss is greater.

How to use Aid file recovery software for Windows XP to recover permanently deleted files Windows XP (of course also windows 7, windows 8, windows vista, windows 10)?

First of all, use the “undelete”, “format recovery”, “recycle bin recovery” modes to quickly scan the data lost due to accidental deletion, emptying the recycle bin, and formatting errors.

If the data loss situation is very complicated, use “deep scan” mode to perform a full scan.

When the results are scanned in “deep scan” mode, in the first subdirectory (Full Deep Scan Drive-> Unkown Folder(RAW)) under the root directory of the file path directory tree, you can find many files directly scanned by file format Various digitally named files of file content, including image files such as jpg, png, and psd, documents such as word, excel, ppt, pdf, audio and video such as mp4, mp3, avi, and various other file types. You can also find all existing files (including files lost or deleted for various reasons) in the path of other subdirectories of the root directory (that is, the various file system directories matched by the deep scan).

In order to increase the probability of successful data recovery with a richer method, when you select a common drive letter partition for files that cannot be found in a deep scan, you can continue to try to scan the physical disk directly.

In some special cases, such as usb flash drive or sd card, etc. are damaged and cannot be recognized, the file system becomes raw format, prompting to format, etc. When the disk data cannot be accessed due to reasons such as the device connection is not stable or the power supply is insufficient. Therefore, when this kind of situation occurs, you must be patient and try to unplug and plug the USB device or wait for enough time for the device to have enough power, or replace the USB interface or replace the USB data cable or replace the computer.

Do not physically repair the storage device easily, which can easily damage the data multiple times. There are many devices that cannot be recognized or the connection is unstable, but the data can be recovered by the above methods.

Friendly reminder: When you lose data, you must restore the data as soon as possible and avoid secondary damage to the data.

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