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Bankshot Media, Inc. on Revolutionizing the Sports Industry and Joining the Upcoming SXSW

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Bankshot Media, Inc. on Revolutionizing the Sports Industry and Joining the Upcoming SXSW

February 27
10:39 2021
Bankshot Media, Inc. on Revolutionizing the Sports Industry and Joining the Upcoming SXSW

Dominating the world of sports entails more than possessing raw skills and innate abilities. Those who have emerged on top of their respected fields can attest to the importance of having passion, drive, will, and determination in every endeavor and undertaking. For this reason, Bankshot Media, Inc. has committed itself to become a platform where basketball enthusiasts and aspiring star athletes can rise above any adversity and take their dreams to greater heights. 

On a mission to equip dreamers and aspirants with the necessary tools, knowledge, and other resources, Bankshot Media, Inc. is grounded on turning every sports dream into a reality. The company aims to provide players with endless opportunities and possibilities so that they can fuel their passion for basketball as much as they want. It wants to prove that nothing can stand in the way of those who choose to be relentless with their pursuits. 

Aside from technological advances, other global phenomena such as the COVID-19 outbreak have also transformed every industry, including sports. Because of the changing times, individuals and companies are prompted to transition into more innovative methods. As a matter of fact, Bankshot Media, Inc. is geared towards providing entertainment and sports competition solutions, utilizing video-conferencing technologies and state-of-the-art production facilities. 

Bankshot was built to allow athletes of all levels to test their creativity, endurance, and grace under pressure. Through its programs, players are able to compete against live opponents from anywhere across the country. These interactive challenges are bound to improve anyone’s game and create social connections for the next generation of competition.

Widely acknowledged for being a beacon of excellence and trustworthiness, Bankshot Media, Inc. attributes its reputable standing to its founders, Russell Morgan and Promise Mangum. These two visionary leaders noticed that many sports leagues shut down and local gyms and playgrounds were closed because of the pandemic. Thus, they took it upon themselves to provide a digital platform so that athletes could continue to compete while staying safe. 

Bankshot’s H.O.R.S.E.-styled virtual basketball shooting competitions have provided a welcomed reprieve from a stalled sports industry. With over a hundred athletes competing in its events,  the company is more than thrilled to have the opportunity of producing an installation at SXSW in March. 

According to Russell and Promise, Bankshot served as their pivoting moment after their original sports league, Showcase Sports Syndicate, got hobbled by the pandemic. Their new brainchild allowed them to keep their players active and engaged despite the stay-at-home orders. They believe that every basketball enthusiast deserves a chance to let their hopes and dreams live on.

Determined to leave its mark on the industry, Bankshot Media Inc. proves that its productions are anchored not just in basketball but also in the people and their unique stories. The company goes to great lengths to build meaningful connections with its competitors and create a beautiful backstory that speaks volumes about vision, values, and integrity. Indeed, this emerging industry powerhouse is laudable for using sport and technology to bring real people together in actual competitions. 

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