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‘Storytime Phoenix’ Promotes Cultural Diversity Among Children, Sowing Seeds of Inclusivity

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‘Storytime Phoenix’ Promotes Cultural Diversity Among Children, Sowing Seeds of Inclusivity

February 27
11:24 2021
Founder, Phoenix Hawkins, employing the power of reading and the art of storytelling, steps up to create the leaders of tomorrow.

Dallas, Texas, United States – The growth in diversity in the 21st century brings fresh opportunities and difficulties for both educators and parents who hope to create a culturally inclusive learning atmosphere.

Cultural context incorporates all parts of a child’s cultural identity, like ethnicity, race, language, family, financial status, and special needs.

For quite a long time, it has been assumed that children will consequently frame positive viewpoints about differences. However, until these differences are discussed and embraced healthily, a positive perspective may never be established. Notwithstanding, research has shown that advocating and introducing children to the bounty of diversity on the planet, is necessary and promotes a well-rounded life. Thus realizing it as the need of the hour, Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader (Kenia Brown), Phoenix K. Hawkins, created an edutainment platform named ‘Storytime Phoenix.’

Hawkins is an author/performer from Jacksonville, Arkansas who is also a former preschool teacher and a member of SCBWI and SAG-AFTRA, as well as a CBS Diversity Showcase (writer) Alumni. She has written for plenteous reputed publications, including The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Weekly, Kite Tales Newsletter, and created Education Guides for the Pasadena Playhouse. Phoenix, who is a wife, a stepmother, and an aunt to several nieces and nephews, emphasizes the splendor of reading amongst children and strives to promote diversity through it. ‘Super Cintanella: Dawning of the Veiled Chameleon’, a Sci-Fi-fantasy, that promotes character, perseverance, and a reverence for nature; remains the most-loved book by Storytime Phoenix.

Phoenix K. Hawkins believes that disregarding children’s natural tendencies towards seeing differences, inadvertently adds to the bias and stereotypes that could act as an unnecessary distraction. “Truth be told, children’s convictions around differences are intensely affected by their surroundings and the narratives they pick up from those around them. Silence about race doesn’t keep children from seeing differences; in fact, it hinders them from posing inquiries and having discussions about it,” says Hawkins. “Children should feel just as proud of their differences as their commonalities and be excited to share with their peers. Thus, the idea behind ‘Storytime Phoenix’ is to promote cultural normalization and inclusion among children, empowering them to embrace all cultures and ethnicities, all while instilling the love of reading.” Phoenix admits she still has a lot to learn about other cultures, but as one who considers her self a life-long learner, she looks forward to the education.

Phoenix has an M.F.A in Creative Writing and utilizes her experience as a Script Analyst and her love for contemporary storytelling to sow seeds of cultural diversity amongst children. Nurturing their natural tendencies to unite with all facets of life, she encourages them to embrace a multi-ethnic worldview.

With Storytime Phoenix, we desire to reinforce the great beauty of uniqueness and normalize inclusion during their early stages of development, in hopes that as children are becoming the leaders of tomorrow, they will have a personal stake in preserving and protecting the common threads of humanity that unite us all,” concludes Hawkins.

About the Company:

Storytime Phoenix is an Edutainment platform that creates content for children with an emphasis on literacy, cultural inclusion, and nature. The platform believes it’s important to nurture children’s natural tendencies to connect with all aspects of life and embrace a multi-ethnic worldview.

The Storytime Phoenix Channel on YouTube:

The Storytime Phoenix Channel promotes physical fitness through movement (Brain-Breaks), Art, Poetry (Fall 2021), Quiet Space (for naptime), Hopeful music (Spotify), Nature Discovers (Fall 2021) and other Family Friendly content for children.

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