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Comics on Coffee Launches Comics-Inspired Online Coffee Store for Comics Lovers Everywhere

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Comics on Coffee Launches Comics-Inspired Online Coffee Store for Comics Lovers Everywhere

April 13
00:42 2021
The brand stays true to its mantra: With great coffee, comes great possibilities.

To perfectly blend one’s greatest passions inspires a most invigorating feeling one can’t help but share with others. The founders of Comics on Coffee have done just that with comics and coffee and are now launching their online storefront, providing high-quality coffee and other comic-inspired products. Their unrivaled coffee blends are roasted to order and made for comics and coffee enthusiasts.

Comics on Coffee is made up of people who are passionate about good comics and coffee, so they started their brand the right way — hiring a known coffee specialist with over 30 years of experience and learning everything they need to know to roast coffee beans to perfection. They toured roasting facilities and learned the smells and tastes of every exotic bean. They did everything so that they could create unparalleled coffee made for like-minded people — creatives, collectors and comic book fans across the world.

“It’s probably not hard to tell where our passions lie, and while comics have always been a part of our ambition, our journey has taught us a love for something else, coffee. Countless conventions, long hours at the drawing boards and our tireless search for every back street comic shop we could find have taught us that the fuel to keep us going is just as important as the motivation that pushed us forward,” the staff from Comics on Coffee stated.

Their bestsellers include Outbreak Medium Roast, Lightspeed Light Roast and Disastrous Decaf. Outbreak Medium Roast is sourced with only the finest Costa Rica beans. Lightspeed Light Roast is an ultimate power-up for an extra boost in energy. It is smooth with a suggestively nutty flavor that lingers on the palate. Disastrous Decaf is from full-bodied Indonesia beans and is perfect for days when one needs that bold aroma and taste of coffee without the jitters.

Customers can get coffee shipped to their door automatically through the store’s subscriptions: Sidekick, Villain and Hero. Sidekicks get one bag of their chosen coffee delivered to their door every month, Villains get theirs every two weeks and Heroes enjoy their fresh batch every week. As a side bonus, all subscriptions get entered into the store’s monthly comic book giveaway drawing. These subscriptions can be paused, updated or canceled at any time.

Comics on Coffee also sells art prints and exclusive mugs. The art prints in their store are all signed by the artists, and their unique mugs are hand made in the U.S., dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

More information can be found at

About Comics on Coffee

Comics on Coffee provides high-quality coffee and other comic-inspired products.

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