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How to erect and use frame scaffolds safely

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How to erect and use frame scaffolds safely

April 21
12:58 2021

Scaffolding is necessary for building and building maintenance. Proper use of scaffolding to ensure safety for people and others. Erecting scaffolding is another option for using ladders.One advantage of using frame scaffolding is that it provides a larger work area and mobility. It provides a platform for walking and setting up all the tools. This will greatly cut into the working hours.

Choosing a safe foundation to build and erect scaffolding. Scaffold foundations are more stable when connected to mud footstones or substrates. One of the major concerns here is that scaffolding needs to be level and on safe ground. If people are not balanced on the ground, people are dealing with the ground. At the same time, using the horizontal structure of the adjustment screws on the scaffold.

Selecting the caster. If people intend to move the scaffold to work in different places, include the set-up of people scaffold casters. Remember to lock the casters when people use it.

Assemble frame scaffolding. The two ends of the scaffold are attached with horizontal braces. A secure cross crosses the bottom of the other end, ensuring that the scaffold is stable. Move the scaffold to the position people want, and make sure it is level and safe. Put the plank in place.

Climbing scaffolding. If using ladders to climb scaffolds, use those ladders which are designed specifically for scaffolding. Stepped ladders can be used to climb scaffolding,but must be equipped with handrails and feet. Pay attention to the part of the climbing to ensure that it is safe, also should prevent scaffolding from loosening.

Additional guardrails. The guardrail is to prevent the scaffolder falling off the scaffolding. Seatbelts and other protection may also be considered.

Check to scaffold for safety. Thoroughly inspect frame scaffold to ensure that all parts are secure.

Safety tips: 1. The safe height of frame scaffold shall not exceed 4 times of the width. 2. Keep the scaffolding away from electrical wires. 3. Know the weather. Do not work on scaffolding in extreme weather.

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