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Why Are People in Ontario Getting Cars Detailed

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Why Are People in Ontario Getting Cars Detailed

April 21
13:42 2021

For some, cars are just a means to get from Point A to Point B. For others, cars are either an obsession or something people want to be proud of. With weather, rain, snow, and mud accumulating on vehicles, some might ask why they should bother with detailing. After all, the car is just going to get dirty again.

A few people get their car detailed because they don’t want to be “that” car. Everyone knows the car seen on the highway or in a parking lot that looks like it’s been driven down muddy roads, slushy streets, or just looks like it just survived a hurricane.

This is reason enough for some to get their car detailed, but for many others having their car looking its best is a point of pride. It’s not just the weather that can make a car look dull. Everyday wear and tear can make both the interior and exterior of a car look worn and old.

Having a car that still looks new years after it was purchased gives everyone a sense of well-being that the vehicle that they’re going to be seen in public every day still has that nice sheen to it and has that wonderful “new car smell” on the inside. The car enthusiast is among those who also want their car to look its best at all times which means having it professionally detailed.

The one thing that is most likely to prevent a person from getting their car detailed is the cost to do so. Many don’t believe they can afford it but admit that they don’t know how much it actually costs.

Sometimes viewed as a luxury, car detailing isn’t as pricy as people might think. First, car detailing is not a one-size-fits-all kind of business. The cost of detailing depends on the type of car owned by the client. Smaller cars cost between $110 and $130 on average. The largest cars tend to be a little more, weighing in between $160 and $220.

The second issue is just what kind of detailing a client wants for their car. People think that car detailing is to make the exterior look shiny and new, but detailing can also involve cleaning the interior of the car, as well. Depending on the size of the vehicle, interior and exterior detailing can cost between $110 and $160, which is only a small increase from just having the interior done. What about those people who have been down those terrible, muddy roads or their kids got unbelievably sick in the car? Most detailers do expect a reasonable amount of dirt, but if it really is excessive, then an extra charge might apply.

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CarDetailing prides itself on being thorough and environmentally friendly. It specializes in both interior and exterior detailing. Their services include pet hair removal, leather conditioning, trunk cleaning, stain and odour removal. This burgeoning company also includes a service for engine detailing to improve the performance and longevity of its clients’ vehicles. CarDetailing is based out of Vaughan and offers service for every make and year of vehicle.

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