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BNPL Platform Announces Easy Payment Solutions For Leading NFT and GameFi Player

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BNPL Platform Announces Easy Payment Solutions For Leading NFT and GameFi Player

January 12
00:24 2022
@Pay is just about ready to release a BNPL gateway for P2E investors by offering an easy payment solution for MetaRun’s GameFi platform.

Introducing the latest go-to Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) payment gateway for NFT, GameFi and other digital marketplaces. @Pay is excited to announce their strategic partnership with MetaRun in being the first ever BNPL gateway for GameFi. 

@Pay is the next generation of BNPL platforms that is designed to be used with traditional retail and e-commerce outlets. MetaRun is an upcoming competitive P2E platform and an NFT marketplace that aims to be the first Blockchain based P2E and P2W endless mobile runner game with NFT assets. 

With the booming rise in GameFi and BNPL platforms, various applications have launched to meet the growing demand of not just the cryptocurrency community but also of developers and investors alike. Games such as Axie Infinity and Sandbox have increased in popularity recently, achieving great milestones and blistering the P2E industry. 

Both have decided to collaborate in combining a conventional NFT marketplace and play-to-earn mobile game payment gateway where users can BNPL. The partnership will enable users to access gameFi DeFi markets, together with NFT backed capital without users needing to pay right away. The MetaRun aims to diminish barriers to entry and facilitate ease of use for investors and those new to crypto and NFTs. 

Adam Mazzaferro, Founder of @Pay says: “We are looking forward to working with MetaRun team in growing both our ecosystems. We are excited to be taking the next step of offering aspects of our platform to more traditional forms of BNPL so they are able to benefit from our cost structures as a DeFi platform, but more importantly, their customers and merchants are able to benefit from the @Pay rewards system.” 

@Pay will allow other providers of BNPL products to introduce the benefits of blockchain technology and smart contract frameworks to their customers while rewarding them with cryptocurrency governance tokens .Users can Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) MetaRun games, without the risk of being charged interest or late fees by splitting repayments into four payments over a three-month period. 

The BNPL platforms API development, helps to facilitate potential partnerships, whereby partners will be able to reward their customers upon the completion of repayments. This development allows @Pay to immediately access the multi-billion dollar BNPL market. 

@Pay’s offering will be attractive to existing BNPL providers because “by teaming up with @Pay the more traditional forms of BNPL platforms will be able to become more cutting edge and fly into the DeFi space whilst providing services that will make them even more appealing to their traditional customer base” ; said Adam Mazzaferro, Founder of @Pay. 

Similar BNPL platforms that engage with @Pay’s API will also benefit from the cost structures and processing costs associated with DeFi platforms whilst maintaining their existing relationships with merchants and shoppers. The API itself has been carefully designed by developers at @Pay for a seamless integration onto partner platforms and is expected to be ready for trial in March of 2022.

@Pay continues to pursue strategic partnerships in these areas ahead of the public release of their platform.

About MetaRun:

Metarun (previously GoFungibles) is the first blockchain-based P2E and P2W endless mobile runner game with NFT assets. The game includes a cross-chain marketplace for in-game NFT trading, and a whole spectrum of crypto-features, enabling Play-to-Earn mechanics.

Learn more about MetaRun at Website, Twitter, Telegram and Instagram. 

About @Pay:

@Pay is the first BNPL platform that makes use of blockchain and smart contract technology to harness digital currencies creating groundbreaking eCommerce solutions and experiences that are sure to appeal to people of all ages. @Pay is a global decentralized platform creating payment solutions for shoppers, merchants, and marketplaces that empowers customers to access the things they want and need, while still allowing them to maintain financial wellness and control to help people to spend responsibly.

For more information on @Pay, visit: Website | Telegram | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram

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