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Soil Testing Services Now Available at Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab

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Soil Testing Services Now Available at Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab

April 21
13:08 2020
Alfa Chemistry announced that its Testing Lab has launched soil testing services for companies and agencies devoted to environmental analysis.

On April 21, 2020, Alfa Chemistry announced that its Testing Lab, a specialized testing and analysis organization, has launched soil testing services for companies and agencies devoted to environmental analysis, in addition to other testing businesses like food testing.

Soil is the basis for human survival. Identifying the potential contaminants present in soil is a very key step for various reasons: to optimize crop production, to protect the environment from contamination, to aid in the diagnosis of plant culture problems, to improve the nutritional balance of the growing plants and to save money and conserve energy.

“In recent years, the quality and safety issues of agricultural products caused by soil pollution are increasing, which poses a health threat for the public. Soil testing has hence become very important,” says a senior scientist from Alfa Chemistry. “We supports clients in all stages of soil sampling programs to reduce risk, save time and manage the soil quality. Our analytical soil characterizations, site investigations and remediation provide full study for soil analysis such as heavy metals, organic chemicals, VOC, SVOC, organochlorine pesticides, minerals, radioactive element, etc.”

With experienced experts and advanced analytical equipment including chromatography (HPLC, GC, GC/MS) and atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS, GFA, FIAS), a wide range of soil can be tested at Alfa Chemistry, such as farmland soil, vegetable field soil, tea garden soil, orchard soil, petroleum soil, pasture soil, woodland soil, submarine sediment, sludge, agricultural soil, etc.

More than ten soil testing and analysis services are available now at Alfa Chemistry. Below are just two of them.

Heavy Metal Analysis

Soil pollution by heavy metals is a critical global environmental problem and adversely affects plant growth and genetic variation. The testing of heavy metals has gradually attracted people’s attention as heavy metals cannot be decomposed by soil microorganisms and are easy to accumulate in the human body through the food chain. Heavy metals in soil that Alfa Chemistry can analyze are Hg, Cd, Pb, Cr, and As.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Analysis

Microorganisms can produce a wide variety of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and a significant portion of the VOCs released from soil and litter appear to be of microbial origin. The production of VOCs by soil microorganisms is likely to have an important influence on atmospheric chemistry, soil processes, and biotic interactions in soil. Alfa Chemistry can detect the following VOCs in the soil: alkanes, aromatics, alkenes, halocarbons, esters, aldehydes, ketone, benzenes, freons, petroleum hydrocarbon compounds, etc.

For more information about Alfa Chemistry’s full-range of soil testing services, such as the testing of physical indicator, nutrients, organic pollutant, inorganic anion, biological indicator, solids, sludge, and non-aqueous wastes, hazardous industrial waste characterization, mineral identification, radioactive element, and soil quality assessment, please visit

About Alfa Chemistry

As an expert in analytical analysis and testing, Alfa Chemistry provides one-stop technical support for companies that are involved with pharmaceutical analysis, environmental analysis, consumer product analysis, food analysis, and material analysis. With strong expertise and advanced analytical equipment and technology, Alfa Chemistry has become a well-established brand, aiming to meet the needs of different customers worldwide.

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