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Pulsed Harmonix Offers At-Home PEMF Pain Treatment In Wake of Coronavirus

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Pulsed Harmonix Offers At-Home PEMF Pain Treatment In Wake of Coronavirus

April 21
14:54 2020

Due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, many people suffering from chronic pain have been looking for at-home alternatives for pain relief. Pulsed Harmonix, recently named company of the year by MedTech Magazine, has introduced an innovative PEMF device that can be used entirely from home.

The device, known as the True Pulse A2000, is one of the best selling pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy devices currently on the market. PEMF therapy utilizes the body’s natural electromagnetic fields in order to improve cell functionality and provide a variety of additional benefits. Since these devices first gained approval from the FDA, they have been used to treat an incredibly wide variety of conditions, including chronic pain.

Offering a Safe and Effective Alternative

The spread of COVID-19 has caused many people to avoid public places, including doctor’s offices. This has caused many people, especially those above the age of 55, to miss out on the treatments they need to address chronic pain and other joint and muscle-related issues.

PEMF devices have proven themselves to be a safe and effective alternative that makes it easy for people to receive the pain relief treatment they need from the comfort of their own home. A PEMF device weighs just a few pounds and is roughly the size and shape of a thick yoga mat. Once activated, the device redirects electromagnetic currents to help alter the ways your cells function and recover.

In addition to having gained approval from the FDA, PEMF devices have become a popular alternative to more intensive treatment options. Even before the outbreak of COVID-19, people in pain around the world had been actively looking for alternatives to highly invasive surgeries or potentially addiction-forming pain medications. Each year, thousands of these devices are sold and the feedback has thus far been incredible.

Multiple Benefits

As Pulsed Harmonix explains, there are many benefits that can from the regular use of a PEMF therapy device. If used daily for the recommended 45-minute sessions (which you can easily do while reading or watching television), you will be able to enjoy the benefits of reduced inflammation, increased circulation, faster healing, improved mobility, and—of course—pain relief. Pulsed Harmonix claims that because their devices create a cellular level impact, lasting results are much more likely.

Naturally, because PEMF therapy devices are so dynamic, they have been proven to be useful for treating many different conditions. The most common use of these devices is addressing neck, back, knee, and joint pain. Additionally, they are often used to address arthritis and fatigue. The devices have also been proven to help with some mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, and insomnia. As time goes on, the number of possible uses for PEMF devices can be expected to continue to grow.

Pulsed Harmonix is proud to be a part of the movement offering people effective treatment devices that can be used safely at home. Though the effects of COVID-19 will eventually subside, the benefits that these devices provide can potentially last a lifetime.

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