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Oncolytic Virotherapy Development Technology Platforms Updated at Creative Biolabs

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Oncolytic Virotherapy Development Technology Platforms Updated at Creative Biolabs

February 25
20:06 2021
Creative Biolabs has upgraded oncolytic virotherapy development platforms to facilitate related research, including reverse genetics technology, bacterial artificial chromosome technology and OncoVirapy™ Platform.

New York, USA – February 25, 2021 – In the body of patients suffering cancer, tumor cells usually win the loyalty of neighboring cells, stromal cells, which protect the tumor cells from the immune system’s attack and provide it with growth factors and nutrients. The difficulty of treating solid tumors is obvious. However, the emergence of oncolytic viruses (OVs) presents a potential solution, which can specifically target tumor cells, but have no effect on normal cells. The development of OVs has undergone a long way and is currently on the eve of breakthroughs. It’s believed that the combination of OVs and other immunotherapies may provide creative strategies for tumor treatment.

As a top-class institution as well as experienced supplier in biotech markets, Creative Biolabs has been committed to bringing together highly skilled experts with varied backgrounds applicable to oncolytic virotherapy research and development. Recently, Creative Biolabs has optimized its self-developed platforms to facilitate related research.

Reverse Genetics Technology

A robust reverse-genetics system has been successfully developed at Creative Biolabs, which can be used to design, construct, and test a whole host of recombinant OVs. The plasmid-based reverse genetics system can generate customized infectious viruses with replication kinetics similar to those of wild-type viruses following the transfection of cultured cells, and the process is rapid, convenient, safe with more effective outcomes.

Bacterial Artificial Chromosome (BAC) Technology

BAC is a practical tool to facilitate the ability of manipulating gene expression in OV construction, which is especially useful for studying large viruses because the DNAs of these viruses are too large to be cloned in individual plasmids. It has shown many advantages compared with traditional cloning vectors. At Creative Biolabs, the scientist team is experienced in using this technology to create a wide range of different recombinant viruses bearing either therapeutic or reporter genes.

OncoVirapy™ Platform

Creative Biolabs, with accumulated knowledge in oncology, has developed a systemic R&D pipeline in oncotherapy. In the field of virotherapy, by integrating the technologies of viral biology, immunology and genetic engineering, scientists have successfully developed the OncoVirapy™ platform, which enhances Creative Biolabs’ ability in providing one-stop services about OVs, including but not limited to OV design and engineering, validation, and manufacture.

Detailed information about OV-related platforms, services, and products at Creative Biolabs can be found on

About Creative Biolabs

Empowered by leading technology and years of experience in biomedical science, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to offering comprehensive, end-to-end oncolytic virus therapy development services to support novel therapeutics development. The whole pipeline covers oncolytic virus engineering, construction, in vitro validation study, in vivo preclinical study, disease-specific oncolytic virotherapy development, and oncolytic virotherapy development for combination therapy with cancer immunotherapy.

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