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Sarah Kpossa Growing and Thriving as a Model and Business Woman

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Sarah Kpossa Growing and Thriving as a Model and Business Woman

February 27
10:54 2021
Sarah Kpossa Growing and Thriving as a Model and Business Woman

Having an ambitious spirit is one thing; getting the opportunity to put that drive to the test is another. Sarah Kpossa got the opportunity to pursue her ambitions, and she’s making use of the opportunity to the fullest. Getting discovered by Steven “Chance” Breter on Instagram was the first step to having things going her way. Now, Sarah Kpossa has many things going for her and is a multi-faceted individual pursuing success in diverse fields.

Sarah Kpossa is a French influencer, model, and social media personality whose looks have set her apart in the social media space. Many brands and individuals have been drawn to her profile because of her gorgeous and attractive looks. Sarah herself never fails to showcase herself to her almost 87,000 followers on Instagram. She is currently signed to Steven Breter’s embroidered luxury streetwear brand, CHANCE PARIS, as a brand ambassador. She also occupies a managerial position, which she hopes will make the perfect buildup of experience toward the launch of her own clothing line.

Sarah Kpossa has an impressive resume with many notable brands on her list of modeling work experience. She has worked with Pretty Little Thing, Sixth June, Lounge Underwear, Oh Polly, and many others. Over her journey, Sarah has always been ambitious and never hid her desire to do more in her career as a model, brand ambassador, or any other role she has to play. “I don’t take everything that happens to me for granted. I am very intentional and deliberate, so I put my best into every opportunity that comes my way. I aspire to do more than just be a model. I want to have my own business and be involved in my community and give back from my success to people in need,” she says.

Beyond modeling, Sarah Kpossa is enthusiastic about basketball and hopes to play professionally someday. Currently, she plays center for the basketball team in her local town of Walbourg. 

Recently, she established her cosmetic brand named “KPOSSA BEAUTY.” In a few years, Sarah plans to expand the business into other areas like real estate, a lingerie line, and her own independent modeling brand. She also plans to launch a clothing label under the CHANCE PARIS brand soon. 

On social media, Sarah is quite interactive as she regularly replies to comments from her followers and answers their questions. In her words, “I think it’s important because some of them look up for you and want to get advice and just talk to stay close to them.” Building her brand and career was motivated by the feeling of never taking anything for granted. With the way the pandemic changed the world, Sarah Kpossa thought it was a nudge for everyone to make a move for their dreams.

Sarah’s five-year goal is to achieve success in all her plans. She also plans to open a charity organization to give back to the community from her success. Her basketball skills are some of the things she would like to develop and take professionally. Building her dreams is what she’s passionate about, and she wants many people to join her on this journey and be inspired. “Nothing should be strong enough to stop anyone from building their dreams. Put in your best and everything you have,” she says.

Learn more about Sarah Kpossa on her official Instagram page.

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