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A Healthy and Glowing Smile Improves All Aspects of an Individual’s Life

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A Healthy and Glowing Smile Improves All Aspects of an Individual’s Life

April 21
13:14 2021

Most individuals realize the importance of good dental health.  They do engage in routine dental checkups, which can include X-rays to spot problems, as well as cleanings to remove plaque and stains.  However, a great many individuals also now seek a perfect-looking smile that is both straight, and entrancing in appearance.  This is usually done via cosmetic dentistry, and Advanced Dental Wellness Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, approaches both good dental health but then also specializes in the finest techniques in cosmetic dentistry. 

Both young and old patients can benefit from cosmetic dentistry.  Teeth can break, crack, or chip via accidents in the young, or can become brittle as individuals age, causing breakage, loose teeth, or chips.  Many types of cosmetic dentistry are offered by Advanced Dental Wellness Center, including Invisalign technology for the straightening of any misalignments at any age.  Whitening treatments, bridges, crowns, caps, and other technologically advanced options are available for any patient that not only wants a healthy smile but one that is the best it can be appearance-wise. 

An initial consultation with a staff trained in the latest and greatest cosmetic dentistry techniques is the first step after the health of a client’s dental condition is assessed.  Bad looking teeth can have a serious impact on an individual’s life as they might well avoid smiling or avoid social situations.  Poor alignment can lead to bruxism, which is caused by misalignment, and is also known as “tooth grinding.”  Bruxism can cause headaches and cracked and broken teeth. 

Before any cosmetic dentistry is started, Advanced Dental Wellness Center does include a digital visualization of the finished dental work, so patients will have some idea of the type of results to expect.  Many individuals seek out cosmetic dentistry due to the impact on their self-esteem and may also seek out a cosmetic dentist before an important event such as a wedding, or class reunion.  Wanting to look the best they can, does drive individuals to seek out cosmetic dentistry more now than ever before and this type of dentistry, once reserved for celebrities, is now common among the public. 

Replacement of older metal fillings which were functional but not attractive is a much sought-after service now, as are porcelain veneers, and caps, to either give a better look to the teeth, or close gaps between teeth by widening the surface of the tooth.  All procedures are relatively painless, and some work on the gums might occur as some individuals do display too much gum when smiling, giving their smile a rather odd look.  Since many times, a laser is employed during cosmetic dentistry the painful days of dentistry are past.  Crowns of different types once applied can make an individual appear more youthful. 

If affordability is an issue, the staff can work with patients on insurance issues.  Some procedures because they do affect health and emotional well-being will be covered by insurance.  Other procedures can be booked according to the specials that Advanced Dental Wellness Center routinely offers. 

About Advanced Dental Wellness Center

Serving the Fort Lauderdale Florida area and surrounding areas for many years in comfortable, yet affordable dental care, this dental center is now expanding into the world of cosmetic dentistry and becoming specialists in this type of dentistry by following the latest techniques and technology.  Their vast clientele receives specialized attention with a free initial consultation.  A holistic approach that uses dental health combined with aesthetic appeal is employed. Specials on cosmetic dentistry are routinely offered. 

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