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Sustainable Clothing Brand Purpose Apparel Announces Product Launch to Support Endangered Species

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Sustainable Clothing Brand Purpose Apparel Announces Product Launch to Support Endangered Species

April 26
23:45 2021
This brand donates 100% of its profits to a variety of wildlife-focused, non-profit organizations that support endangered species around the world.

Purpose Apparel, a brand dedicated to supporting wildlife protection programs, announces the launch of its line of t-shirts in conjunction with SoftShirts and Print Natural, two eco-friendly shirt producers. The products feature pandas, wolves, and lion designs created by its partner artist, Anthony Perez, Purpose Apparel works with Pandas International along with other reputable organizations, the Wolf Conservation Center, and The Global White Lion Protection Trust. Donations to these charities correspond to the specific animal portrayed in the design, making this a truly unique company.

Purpose Apparel combines comfort, style, sustainability, and philanthropy to deliver high quality and unconventional clothing products. Founded in 2021 by Cameron Cohen, the company aims to bring awareness to the delicate relationship between humans, animals, and the planet — one beautifully designed t-shirt at a time. According to the team at Purpose Apparel, understanding the inherent connectivity of human life, wildlife, and the natural surroundings is crucial to repairing environmental damage and saving animal species from extinction.

Its t-shirt production partners SoftShirts and Print Natural help Purpose Apparel bring high-quality and sustainable products to people all over the United States.

SoftShirts is responsible for providing organic cotton that’s purposefully grown with the least amount of water possible. Once harvested, the cotton is processed in an Oeko-Tex certified mill and knitted in a tubular fashion to reduce material waste. From there, the fabric is manufactured into t-shirts in a WRAP-certified facility, ensuring high levels of employee safety. Shirts are then dyed with low-impact dyes that contain fewer harsh chemicals than traditional textile dyes. The end result is an ultra-comfy and premium shirt that offers a natural fit.

As for printing, Print Natural uses certified organic, vegan, and water-based inks to print all Purpose Apparel designs. Their inks are non-toxic, which is not only eco-friendly but also much safer for your skin and personal health. Plus, Print Natural aims for a zero-waste mentality in every step by recycling inks, reusing water, and printing all orders by hand to conserve energy.

Purpose Apparel’s strategic charitable giving ensures that each t-shirt sold by the company helps to repair the crucial and sustainable relationship between humans, animals, and the planet. The company gives its customers an overview of its partner charity groups.

Its official charitable partner, Pandas International, is a non-profit organization devoted to protecting the Giant Panda. Founded by Suzanne Braden and Diane Rees in 1999, Pandas International is headquartered in the United States. The company works closely with researchers and preservationists in China. Its team of experts is responsible for its efforts in disease prevention, reproductive research, and the reintroduction of captive pandas into the wild. According to Purpose Apparel and their partner, around 2,000 estimated Giant Pandas exist in the wild today, thus, it’s crucial to protect their existence.

The Wolf Conservation Center, on the other hand, centers on preserving the Mexican Grey Wolf and the Red Wolf, two endangered wolf species in North America. The organization uses science-based educational programs and other advocacy efforts to build awareness on wolves in conjunction with federal recovery and release programs. This way, the importance of conservations, environmental responsibility, and ecological connectivity and balance are taught to children and adults enrolled and interested in the mentioned programs. The center is founded in 1999.

Lastly, Purpose Apparel is working towards a partnership with The Global White Lion Protection Trust, a community-based organization that combines indigenous knowledge with cutting-edge science to help research and preserve endangered lion species in the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere. The organization led a reintroduction program to build back the population of the White Lion after trophy hunting caused its extinction in the 1990s. Global White Lion Protection Trust also aims to restore ecological balance to the area, however, commercialized hunting remains a danger today.

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About Purpose Apparel

Purpose Apparel is a sustainable clothing brand that aims to foster positive relationships between humans, animals, and the planet. The company combines unique art, sustainable clothing manufacturing, and strategic charitable donations to deliver beautiful t-shirts for an urgent cause. Through its products, spreading awareness on the responsibility of managing the environmental impact of humans becomes possible. This, in turn, contributes positively to the environmental and animal protection efforts it advocates.

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