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ShopHawk on How to Keep Technicians Loyal, Happy and Productive

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ShopHawk on How to Keep Technicians Loyal, Happy and Productive

June 25
22:42 2021
How to scale a profitable auto repair shop.

Getting the Most out of Shop Employees.

Larry has always paid his techs above average flat-rate commissions. In fact, he pays the highest commission rate of all the shops in his area. Larry prides himself on that and has always believed that money is the biggest motivator of people.

But despite the generous pay plan Larry’s techs eventually leave to work at other shops. Even the best ones leave. That hurts his business. Why does Larry have this recurring problem?

Learn the True Things that Motivate People

Decades of research into human behavior has shown that money is a poor motivator in the workplace. Money does not encourage loyalty from employees, as Larry has discovered, and it certainly does not motivate workers to strive for excellence.

Other things motivate people more than money does. Ignoring those things, or even trampling on them, can be disastrous, as Larry is experiencing. But nurturing those aspects of human behavior can yield great results for any shop. Let’s look at three basics of motivation and examine some easy ways to apply them in any shop.

People are Born Motivated to Succeed – Acknowledge That Fact

Years ago a scientist named Maslow asserted that people are born with three innate motivations. People all are driven to survive physically, to belong, and to feel important, in that order. I am simplifying this a lot, but feel free to Google ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs’ for more detail. It’s very interesting.

If techs, then, come to already motivated to achieve success, to be productive, and to become an important part of a business, what makes them leave? Simple. The way the busines is run is demotivating them. Let’s see what might be wrong.

Our Basic Motivation – The Drive to Survive

Starting from earliest time, humans have been born with an inner drive to eat, to have proper clothing, adequate shelter and all the basic necessities of life. That means that every tech hired already wants to earn enough money to pay his rent or mortgage, and to buy food, clothing and medical care for himself and his family. Make sense?

If a tech is not earning enough money to provide all that for his loved ones, he is not lazy. If a shop hires intelligent, skilled techs but see them quit, the fault lies with management methods.

Does the shop assign only one car at a time to each tech, when they can easily take responsibility for two or three vehicles and plan their own work flow?

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