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GoLocalise CEO David Garcia-Gonzalez Champions a Post-Covid Travel Scenario Rooted in Internationalization

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GoLocalise CEO David Garcia-Gonzalez Champions a Post-Covid Travel Scenario Rooted in Internationalization

July 29
14:06 2021

The Need for Bridging the Gap Between Digital Covid Passports and Accessibility through Language and Localization

After the past year and a half, the world is eager to get back to a sense of normalcy; back to vacations, back to visiting family, returning to school, and reinstating a pre-pandemic lifestyle. To do this in a safe and regulated manner, various countries around the world have championed the concept of a digital vaccine passport. While this sounds simple in theory, the execution and implementation are quite complex and delicate. David Garcia-Gonzalez, the CEO of GoLocalise, a boutique localization company based in London, has masterfully highlighted the nuanced path of least resistance rooted in localization. 

As the world around us changes, we need modern solutions to match. The issue of digital vaccine passports has spurred various heated debates over the past year and a half due to privacy concerns, language, and accessibility. It is no secret that in modern society not all countries are equal, and not everyone has access to smartphones to participate in such programs. The world encompasses many races, religions, genders, creeds, and socio-economic classes; and while vaccine passports are not a new concept, as many countries require proof of vaccinations upon entry; vaccine passports have been met with resistance, concerns, and curiosity. 

Is there a practical way of implementing an internationally accepted and accessible digital passport without sacrificing data privacy? While the major tech corporations are busy at work developing intricate data security measures, David Garcia-Gonzalez has plunged into the questions few may be asking. 

• How can language and localization bridge the gap to ensure a standardized system that will not only bring the world back to a path or normalcy but aid in global recovery? 

 How can global markets collaborate to create a standardized passport that is readily accessible, safe, and difficult to forge?

As an expert in language and localization, David Garcia-Gonzalez is eager to provide his expertise into what a digital passport may look like, and what problems may arise. Not only will these passports require innate security measures, but they must be accessible, translated, localized, and verified for proof of validity. Language has the unprecedented power to both unite and divide simultaneously. If rushed, or implemented without addressing these core issues, further division is bound to follow. For these passports to prove efficacy, countries must remember the human element of language, connection, and unity.

“I believe that localizing these digital vaccine passports for worldwide use is not an easy feat. That being said, it is paramount to the success of this program to ensure that certificates are too difficult to be forged, are well adapted to the different world languages and markets, and take into account the different religions, cultures, and ways of communication.”

Ultimately, society wants to end this pandemic and resume a pre-pandemic lifestyle. The way these vaccine passports are presented, written, localized, and communicated can make it or break it; so it is important that the message is conveyed to take into account the specific local markets, and language idiosyncrasies to ensure that the maximum number of people understand the delicate process and procedure. Language can either unify the world in this task, or create further division; accurately conveying this message is paramount to the recovery roadmap for the world.

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About David Garcia-Gonzalez

David Garcia-Gonzalez is the founder and CEO of GoLocalise, a one-stop boutique audiovisual translation company based in Central London. Spanish by birth, David arrived in the UK in 1998 and after ten years of working as a translator and Spanish-speaking voice-over talent, he took the plunge and set up his own localization company from scratch. Seven years later, GoLocalise had successfully built a powerful network of over one thousand translators, subtitlers, and voice-over talents in over one hundred languages. Harnessing a client base of over four hundred across a range of sectors, including blue-chip multinationals, e-learning businesses, production companies, and large translation companies. Developing an internationally recognized brand in a foreign country to one’s home is no small feat. David’s success has allowed him to work with international brands such as the BBC, Warner Bros, Viacom, and The V&A Museum. Dedicated to telling the inspirational story of triumph through his own eyes, David wrote Child-Biting, Chorizo, and Chancing Your Arm: How I Made It Big In Britain. 

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