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What Are The Signs That A Car’s Starter Motor Is Broken?

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What Are The Signs That A Car’s Starter Motor Is Broken?

January 11
13:48 2022

The starter motor is composed of two cylinders, one large and one small. The larger cylinder at the bottom is responsible for providing torque, and the smaller cylinder at the top is responsible for pushing the gear in front of the rotor to the working position where it is kneaded with the flywheel to drive it. The flywheel and crankshaft rotate to start the vehicle. If the starting motor fails, the following signs will appear:

1. The vehicle does not respond when starting: The starter does not work because of the power supply of the starter and the open circuit or short circuit inside the starter.

2. The sound of the engine is dull and the speed is low when starting: Some coils inside the starter are short-circuited, which cannot generate enough rotating magnetic force and cannot provide the torque required for starting.

3. When starting, people can hear the sound of the motor working, but the engine speed is zero: the magnetic package of the starter fails, the starter keeps rotating, but the flywheel cannot be driven to start the vehicle.

4. Loud noise when starting: the surface of the bearing, carbon brush or starting gear of the starter is damaged and malfunctions occur during operation.

5. There is a burnt smell on the chassis of the vehicle when starting: the internal short circuit of the starter causes the starting wire or the coil to overheat.

6. The sound of the starter during operation is very harsh. This may be because the starter is not installed correctly, or the one-way clutch is blocked.

7. When the start switch is turned on, the starter rotates at a high speed and the engine crankshaft does not respond. This may be caused by the transmission gear or the one-way clutch.

8. The starter does not turn, turn on the start switch, the starter does not turn. The working principle of the starter is the energy conversion process based on Ampere’s law, that is, the effect of the force on the energized conductor in the magnetic field. The motor includes the necessary armature, commutator, magnetic pole, brush, bearing, housing and other components.

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