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Shiva C.A.D. Shankaran brings an in-depth explanation of the nature of consciousness in “A Science of Consciousness: Pneumatology for a New Millennium”

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Shiva C.A.D. Shankaran brings an in-depth explanation of the nature of consciousness in “A Science of Consciousness: Pneumatology for a New Millennium”

July 30
03:33 2022
Smartly arranged in succinct chapters, Shankaran urges readers to explore where people are as a civilization, considering what they have learned from the remarkable sacred scriptures over hundreds of years.

Author Shiva C.A.D. Shankaran takes readers into an engaging journey of a world of new possibilities and implications coming from human creativity in his book “A Science of Consciousness: Pneumatology for a New Millennium.”

Instead of speaking simply about Eastern philosophies and mindfulness, Shankaran digs deeper into thoughts about the true nature of Transmission, Divine Consciousness, and Oneness. It lays bare the implications of what these understandings can mean for people.

Shankaran cuts through the noise and dives deep into the nature of consciousness in theological, spiritual, and philosophical terms. While it is not a book about physiology or the brain, Shankaran centers his piece by showing a cosmology of the truth of existence and the universality of life, who we are as consciousness and the connectivity of all life everywhere.

In a review on Amazon, Philip Tomlinson described the book as a “primer on the primacy of pure consciousness prior to its manifestations, the nature of truth and reality, and the way forward for mankind from separation and adversity to unity and harmony.”

“It provides an in-depth analysis of the contemporary human condition and an insightful, foundational, and optimistic investigation that all of us can benefit from,” wrote Philip.

A Science of Consciousness showcases both an assessment of empirical science with its limitations and presents an expanded or new paradigm of cognitive or spiritual science and presents this assertion as an example of how this cognitive process works. 

With this, readers are able to get insight and experience into this new paradigm as they venture into this journey with Shankaran.

Sheila Moschen, another reader, commended Shankaran for coming up with such a thought-provoking book.

“This book delves deeply into the nature of pure consciousness and explains that by improving our consciousness, we can improve our world. It is well done,” wrote Sheila. 

Born in the New York City area, Shankaran grew up and was molded in such a global multi-cultural environment. Naturally spiritual as a young man, he toured and visited monasteries and examined the religious life through his twenties. He has finished degrees in Literature, Philosophy, and Religious Education and has been trained in the teaching of meditation. 

The renowned author has also written a book of poetry and a laser-focused look at Oneness as a living reality called: “Poems of the Ignited Heart & Illumination of the One. He currently lives in Vermont.

Shankaran started writing the book as a cognitive exercise after a traumatic event in 2012 pushed him to turn over spiritual insights and wisdom that had matured within him over 50 years or more of yogic practices and devotion.

You can find more information about the author and his published works on his website,

Those who want to grab a copy of A Science of Consciousness: Pneumatology for a New Millennium may purchase it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Book Depository

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