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Leading Personal Development Company Personality Path Offers their Free Enneagram Test

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Leading Personal Development Company Personality Path Offers their Free Enneagram Test

October 26
10:18 2022
Personality Path, a well-known and successful personality development company, provides an accessible and accurate free Enneagram test: a personal development test that examines an individual’s core motivations and fears and offers practical personality growth tools for the Enneagram system of personality.

The team behind Personality Path has developed a tool and resources that help people to discover who they are and become their healthiest selves; this mission is one of the reasons they offer the Enneagram test for free. The Enneagram is a powerful personality development system that enables people to step into their strengths, overcome limiting thoughts and obstacles, and discover their true potential to become who they are.

The Enneagram is a comprehensive examination of nine personality types based on our core motivations and fears. This test can be used to improve communication and relationships through application. Over 700K people have taken Personality Path’s Enneagram so far.

“Our greatest joy is to inspire and help people share the gift they carry inside them with the world. The Enneagram gives hope to everyone, regardless of their situation. We want people to be able to walk their path with purpose, meaning, and a deep sense of joy.”

Personality Path was created to be a space for people to start their journey of personal growth and learn how to walk their road richer and fuller. The personality development team at Personality Path has provided personality development tools to over 700K individuals and received high reviews of personal recommendations on their website.

The Enneagram’s nine personality types, numbered one through nine, are listed below. Each Enneagram type has a distinct worldview and motivation. The numbers assigned to the nine types are not chosen at random. They follow the idea that three core aspects of what makes us human sort the nine types into three groups: Head Types, Heart Types, and Body Types.

–  Type 1 The Improver
–  Type 2 The Helper
–  Type 3 The Performer
–  Type 4 The Individualist
–  Type 5 The Investigator
–  Type 6 The Loyalist
–  Type 7 The Enthusiast
–  Type 8 The Challenger
–  Type 9 The Peacemaker

“Finding out about my Enneagram type was like meeting that one person that makes you feel like someone finally understands you. I wish I had known about this sooner,” states Kristin, Type 7.

Personality Path also offers an affiliate program designed for trainers and coaches who work in personal development and want to work with Personality Path’s resource pool. 

Individuals who want to know how the Enneagram “Ambassador Program” works can visit:

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