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Global Education Academy Teaching Confidence in Children for Selective School via Premium Selective School Tutoring – The GEA Approach

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Global Education Academy Teaching Confidence in Children for Selective School via Premium Selective School Tutoring – The GEA Approach

January 09
20:18 2023
Global Education Academy is a premier Australian tutoring academy offering a broad range of tutoring services, courses, and educational resources to students Australia-wide.

Each year, over 15,000 year-six students in New South Wales compete for just 3,600 slots in selective high schools, and their fate is decided by the Selective High School Placement test. As a major turning point in the academic futures of these children, preparing for the test in year six is extremely stressful for most parents. 

While all parents want their children to succeed, they are not comfortable with pushing their children too hard. Between stories of some parents having their kids study for hours after school to reports of students in selective schools experiencing depression or anxiety, happiness and success sometimes seem at odds.

Global Education Academy (GEA) understands these concerns and was established to address them. The company’s spokesperson imparted that GEA’s experts believe that it is possible to have a child that is happy and successful. “The key is to work smarter, not harder”, said the company’s spokesperson.

GEA’s signature courses for students taking on the Selective High School Placement Test do not emphasize overburdening children with mountains of information. Instead, this educational establishment is focused on helping the children build fundamental thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as confidence in their abilities. 

As one of the finest selective school tutoring companies Australia-wide, GEA builds children’s skills from the ground up and gives young students the push they need to hit their full academic potential by combining teaching theory and practical applications, revolutionizing academic thinking, and academic learning. The company’s spokesperson continued, imparting that GEA’s team is comprised of highly experienced tutors and experts that have already helped thousands of children unlock their innate talents and potential, stating the following:

“Our team of qualified and experienced staff delivers quality instruction under our award-winning curriculums, with student progress closely tracked together with parents. We build close relationships with students and their guardians based on good communication,” the company’s spokesperson said. 

“Teach them properly instead of pushing them” is one of the most impactful messages all GEA tutors, teachers, and professionals agree with. Many parents want to get their children to selective schools without having to push them. As divulged by GEA’s top tutors, a fine line exists between pushing and motivating children to pursue their academic goals. 

Global Education Academy does not push students. Its teachers and educators are committed to motivating each student by changing the way they think about studying and learning. Students preparing for selective or OC become more independent and more motivated when they understand math, English, and thinking skills, as well as how they are graded on writing tests. 

More information about Global Education Academy is available on the company’s official website.

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