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“How’s My Driving? Why Every Other Driver Doesn’t Seem To Have A Clue” – A Must-Read Book To Learn The Tips And Techniques To Get Behind The Wheel Safely

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“How’s My Driving? Why Every Other Driver Doesn’t Seem To Have A Clue” – A Must-Read Book To Learn The Tips And Techniques To Get Behind The Wheel Safely

January 10
12:03 2023

How’s My Driving?: Why every other driver doesn’t seem to have a clueby Steve Dziadik is a quick and easy read for anyone who wants to be a safer and more courteous driver and is an attempt to bring awareness to the number of crashes caused by distracted driving.

Almost one million people are injured yearly in car crashes, and over forty thousand die in highway crashes. The harm caused by drivers who reacted too slowly or too late accounts for under half of them. That shocking statistic is what this book is all about. Today, there are far more distractions than ever, and the potential to make a car crash mistake seems practically unlimited. “How’s My Driving? Why every other driver doesn’t seem to have a clue” by Steve Dziadikf is meant to introduce individuals to proven methods that will reduce their risk of making an avoidable mistake behind the wheel!

The book will help readers look at themselves and their habits behind the wheel with a clear mind to understand where they might go wrong and eventually improve their driving skills. Written in a light-hearted and humorous tone, this book will cheer readers up while simultaneously making sure that they don’t follow in the same footsteps of other impaired drivers.

Through a mixture of personal experiences and a unique perspective on defensive driving awareness, the author has created a combination that makes his writing both instructional and exciting. The benefit to the reader is an opportunity to feel his family’s pain and learn from it.

Written by the owner and trainer of the Driving School of Florida, teaching Defensive Driving techniques, readers will learn Driving safely is no accident. This book is a unique collection of personal driving stories, thoughts, facts, and tips that never before existed on this subject added to make it one of the most interesting, entertaining, and life-saving books on driving safety ever.

This is not a book filled with graphic pictures of crashes or those suffering from injuries, but rather a collection of stories that demonstrate situations in which the author’s family lived to tell their tale because of the level of defensive driving awareness adopted by the author. The discussions are based on solid facts, but the author does not overwhelm the reader with technical or irrelevant data.

Steve’s book will also break down “Automobile Insurance 101” in easy-to-understand terms, saving people money on their auto insurance premium, while improving their ability to navigate the complex maze of benefits and limitations. Understanding auto insurance doesn’t need to be difficult nor boring, the book is a comprehensible and straightforward resource, perfect for anyone that has ever been confused by auto insurance 101.

The book can influence and change the driving behavior of millions of drivers. If one wants to improve their driving detection abilities and increase overall safety while commuting, this book is an essential tool in their arsenal. In addition, heightened situational awareness during in-vehicle commutes will result in a safer environment for everyone on the roadways.

How’s My Driving? It is a book written to address the most common driving errors likely to cause an accident and lead to an unfavorable outcome for the driver involved. The information contained in this book is not designed to intimidate but rather to educate for a safer yet happier commuting life. This book will challenge individuals to think more about their driving habits than ever!

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