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Holistic Well-Being For The Mind, Body and Soul

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Holistic Well-Being For The Mind, Body and Soul

January 19
18:57 2023

Lily Ji is a yoga and meditation instructor. Her goal is to show people how they can use yoga, meditation for better physical flexibility and inner peace. She wants to build a brand called lili as a quality lifestyle and a welcoming community.

lili has physical locations throughout New York City, where people can come together and share their wellness journey. These centers provide a safe space where members have access to high-end facilities, while connecting with each other physically and virtually.

Lili has over video-conferencing like Zoom™, Skype™ and live streaming.

lili also organizes regular outdoor events. For example, hikes and nature walks, which enable customers to experience being outdoors while enjoying the beauty of nature together.

Lili hosts indoor and outdoor meditation classes to help people connect with their higher self.

“Do you have the patience to wait for the mud to settle, for the water to become clear and the answer to arise?” – Lao Tzu

By meditating and self reflecting, people can understand themselves more. Instead of resorting to drugs and alcohol to escape their problems.

The owner Lily is also an established influencer. Her content covers travel, brand collaboration, spirituality, business, yoga, and dance. Her major was digital arts so she loves creating content. Plus, she has a passion to explore the world. Her purpose is to shine her light so she can help more people.

Her brand lili aims at inspiring its community members through meaningful connections with each other as well as with themselves.

By doing so, lili has been helping  individuals create a sense of balance between mind, body, and spirit in order to live a happier life – free from daily worries and stressors.

Start today here: and check out her Instagram here: @Lilyji11 @Liliyogas

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