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Introducing the future of laundry: Paradigm Evergreen announces the launch of Eeva, its eco-conscious revolutionary 2-in-1 portable washer and dryer

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Introducing the future of laundry: Paradigm Evergreen announces the launch of Eeva, its eco-conscious revolutionary 2-in-1 portable washer and dryer

March 02
04:48 2023
Eeva revolutionizes laundry with a groundbreaking 2-in-1 solution, so laundry can finally stop being dreadful for people and the environment.

Paradigm Evergreen, a future-focused startup, is proud to announce the upcoming launch of its time-saving, eco-conscious, versatile, and portable washer and dryer: Eeva. This game-changing washer and dryer combo is set to reinvent laundry by replacing the laundry hamper so dirty clothes never pile up. What makes Eeva special is the fact that it can be used virtually anywhere, as it has a unique compact, ergonomic design and doesn’t require any plumbing connections. 

Eeva allows people to do laundry without having to switch loads, and it’s designed to use less water and energy than traditional machines. This helps people reduce time wasted and their carbon footprint with every cycle. The revolutionary washing and drying solution will be launched through Indiegogo.

As an energy-efficient alternative to complete laundry machine sets, Eeva is quickly gaining recognition as the ultimate laundry solution. The machine was created to mitigate the inconvenience and negative impacts of traditional laundry routines. Most people allow their laundry hamper to fill and overflow before a laundry day is designated. With a big load comes the need for big machines to accommodate this laundry. At the end of the day, gigantic machines use gigantic amounts of resources, and their environmental impacts are huge. With Eeva, laundry piles will become a thing of the past. This revolutionary 2-in-1 machine encourages people to wash their clothes daily. So, at the end of each day, instead of letting dirty clothes pile up, throw them in Eeva and let it do the rest. With Eeva, people will never have dirty clothes ever again.

“Laundry has always been dreadful both to do and for the environment. We were convinced there just had to be a better way.”

Use it anywhere and enjoy autonomous cycle technology.

Using the latest technology, Eeva is easy to set up and use. The efficient and convenient machine only requires a standard electrical outlet connection and can be used with or without a direct water hookup. Eeva features a removable water canister that, once filled, will complete a wash cycle. The machine also has a dirty water reservoir at the bottom where water drains at the end of the wash and rinse cycle. The reservoir can be emptied through a hose drain or by simply emptying it out. Eeva uses autonomous cycle technology to first wash and then automatically dry clothes. This makes it a convenient way to do laundry without switching loads. What’s incredible is a complete wash and dry cycle only takes 90 minutes with Eeva. Along with its full wash and dry cycle, Eeva also allows users to just wash or just dry their clothes.

The proof is in the numbers.

Full washing machines and dryer sets use a lot of energy, water, and detergent and contribute to environmental pollution. At a time when climate change is a significant concern, laundry solutions that cater to the needs of users and the planet are in high demand. 

Eeva helps people save their water and energy consumption and helps people reduce their carbon footprint. These are all metrics that people can easily track through Eeva’s app. People can see specific data based on their actual consumption, which helps them see the difference they are making. “Our app allows you to track your impact and savings in real-time.” 

For those looking for a revolutionary, efficient laundry solution, Eeva is the ultimate washer and dryer, a simple, effective, and eco-friendly machine for everyone. Sign up on Eeva to be notified once the 2-in-1 washer and dryer is available.

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