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Blockchain Technology focusing on the Gig Economy – Introducing SwirlToken’s District Franchise Program

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Blockchain Technology focusing on the Gig Economy – Introducing SwirlToken’s District Franchise Program

May 22
15:58 2023


Blockchain technology has been pushing boundaries for many years with platforms focusing on AI services, Metaverse, gaming and Defi solutions. There’s a new platform emerging that utilizes blockchain technology together with AI and the metaverse providing smart services for the gig economy.

Introducing SwirlToken’s District City Franchise program for the HubSwirl ecosystem. SwirlToken consists of two blockchain tokens, Swirl & SwirlX work in parallel and are integrated into District City network. A District City Franchise is an owner operator business model for the HubSwirl ecosystem. A franchise enables ownership, management, promotion & profit sharing for a specific geographic location.

Swirl, launched in January 2022 on the Binance network, the first utility token currently providing a payment method for membership fees and system fees. Integration includes; system revenue sharing and advertising payments, micro payments for loyalty & content likes (tipping), promotions, fundraising, VIP access Membership & system membership access fees on the platform.

SwirlX was launched in Q1 2023 also on the Binance network. SwirlX utility is planned to provide platform AI Integration, NFT minting, district franchise management, content copyright management and content royalty management.

Auctions for district locations is available for bidding through SwirlXtoken is required to bid on a district location. The SwirlX bid fees will be accumulate in a cashback account for the bidding duration; When the auction ends, half of the Swirl will be sent to the auction winner and the other half will be used for marketing & promotion.

What does this mean? Owners of a district will become the franchise owner of the HubSwirl ecosystem for a specific region. District owners will have a backend Admin control portal to manage their district, Members, customers, fees& content. They will receive 25% of all Swirl revenue (Advertising, Membership fees & sales commissions) earned from sales in their franchised district location. It’s a business and ownership will have huge revenue potential from the following four platforms within the HubSwirl ecosystem;


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HubSwirl-Core Platform is the flagship product and the first proponent of the HubSwirl Network Ecosystem and is built with privacy in mind. The HubSwirl platform provides an All-In-One Hub to connect connects local communities, people, business, organizations and brands. and interact with your local community, customers and fan. Users can create group pages “HubSite’’ in second, to collaborate & share, plan events, fundraise, buy & sell content, manage royalties, promote brands, products and services.The HubSwirl platform interconnects in the ecosystem with four other platforms – Shopolu, HubSpin, HireTree, SwirlSwap. Complete with a revenue sharing system for all HubSite owners to earn a share in advertising revenue earned from targeted ads clicked or viewed by followers in their Hub.

Shopolu Platform is second platform integration to the HubSwirl platform. Shopolu provides “the Amazon” model for local community brick & mortar stores. Focused on crowdsourced personal shopper services & same day delivery. With the Shopolu platform the local retail merchants will be able ​​to provide same day delivery to their local customers. Currently, the retail brick and mortar stores are suffering trying to compete with the big online outlet like Amazon delivery right to your door. Shopolu will provide same day crowdsourced delivery from stores in the local community. Kind of like Uber eats but for local store goods. Anyone who wants to make a few bucks can download the app and start earning money.

HireTree is the third integration to the HubSwirl platform. HireTree provides a marketplace venue for independent contractors, freelancers and service providers for produce remote work services. There is a workspace management portal for job providers and service providers to show progress and receive milestone payments. Swirl has been integrated for payment of membership levels.

HubSpin Platform is the fourth platform integration to the HubSwirl platform will be a P2P marketplace for local independent musicians to sell and manage their music and manage their fan base. Swirl has been integrated for payment of membership levels. The HubSpin app coming out in 2024 will provide the ability to stream music created by local artists in your community. Future integration of Swirl will provide fan loyalty and special VIP access. Future planned SwirlX integration will allow NFT copyright audio and royalty management. The future roadmap includes SwirlX utility to copyright artwork, photos, stories&digital documents.

The District Franchise Revenue & Earning potential — The platform is membership fee driven and will be fully paid using Swirl. Users have several membership options; Free membership or a paid membership charge monthly/yearly membership fees for various membership access & platform services. The platform also has various service fees. An advertising module integration has been added to all four platforms for additional revenue.

For further information and to find out where to buy the exclusive token visit the SwirlToken website here. To connect to the SwirlToken community, join Telegram and follow on Twitter.

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