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Why Gratitude Lodge Offers A Holistic Approach to Drug And Alcohol Treatment

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Why Gratitude Lodge Offers A Holistic Approach to Drug And Alcohol Treatment

May 23
10:39 2023

Gratitude Lodge offers a holistic approach to drug and alcohol treatment for clients in addition to its evidence-based treatment offerings to ensure that clients get a full spectrum of treatment options. The holistic approach to treatment is offered to bring balance and allows clients to engage in activities that bring self-expression, improve self-esteem, and confidence.

This holistic approach mixes traditional methods, like group and individual therapies, with more experiential methods. At Gratitude Lodge one can experience Reiki, Art therapy, yoga, exercise and breathwork. Holistic methods have benefits for one’s mental health and also for recovery from addiction.

People can call Gratitude Lodge at 888-861-1658 or visit for more information on the holistic methods offered.

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that is believed to help promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. It can promote relaxation by reducing stress and supporting the body’s natural healing process. Reiki may also reduce pain and inflammation, improve sleep, support emotional healing and enhance spiritual connection. All of these things can be instrumental in helping someone improve mental health and overcome a substance use disorder.

Gratitude Lodge’s Reiki and Yoga Instructor Alex Durham says: “We all need resetting and we all need to come back into balance. Seeing people come out of a Reiki session or yoga session or meditation, it’s like something clicks and they feel things and they can let go of things and they can feel their breath for the first time. They’re different people.”

Art therapy is another treatment modality Gratitude Lodge offers. It can improve one’s self-esteem and self-awareness. Art therapy promotes insights into conflicts and difficult emotions a client may have experienced. Clients may create art such as drawing, painting, sculpting and collages. It allows clients to have a creative outlet that can help their therapists understand the client more.

Gratitude Lodge offers these treatments to create a positive environment for clients. It can lower relapse rates by teaching clients healthy coping mechanisms and can help clients find their purpose and find a supportive community that champions them throughout their recovery.

Gratitude Lodge is a drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County. It offers a pet-friendly rehab program that utilizes various evidence-based treatment methods with an expert staff, offering a supportive and peaceful environment to treat addiction. Gratitude Lodge works to ensure that all clients get the help they need and deserve to fight back against addiction and live a healthy lifestyle filled with gratitude, helping them appreciate each and every day.

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